Is The John Cena Nikki Bella Break-Up All For A Storyline?

John Cena has been public that he is not taking the break-up with Nikki Bella well. He’s gone on red carpets, Instagram, and even the Today Show to express his sadness and desire to be with Nikki. None of this surprised me. Despite being a notoriously private figure, John is still a public celebrity. He isn’t afraid to answer tough questions. He’s dealing with his grief in public because he doesn’t have another choice. Right?¬†Seems like some pretty personal stuff that John Cena just put out there in front of millions of people. Surely WWE won’t involve itself in what seems like a public break-up that serves no real storyline purpose to WWE programming…oh wait…

Thinking back now, it does all seem to be suspicious. The entire break-up was filmed. Cena is taking time off from WWE, Nikki is continuing to push her various brands. Nikki’s reaction is also curious here.

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I’m starting to think this all might be a ‘work’ as they say in the business. Meaning John and Nikki never REALLY broke up, they’re just doing this for a story for Total Bellas. For their sake, I hope this isn’t true. Marriage is a sacred and serious business, despite how Hollywood and our society tends to treat it. It is about two people coming together to be one. To support and love one another. if Cena and Bella are going through all this anguish and pain just for TV, then that would be disappointing. It would tarnish how I view both John and Nikki.

But, then again it could be real. Wrestling fans are skeptical of everything. There’s still a sizeable contingent that believes CM Punk and WWE’s feud is an elaborate work designed to give Punk time off to pursue his UFC dreams. Fans spend a lot of time trying to determine what is real and what “kayfabe” in wrestling. WWE thrives off of this. WWE knows we know that they know that we know. But in actuality, the most simple explanation is usually the one that fits. Punk left bitter and angry, Cena and Bella broke up for real, Hulk Hogan really was the masked Mr. America.

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