B-Team Brilliance!

I have been waiting for a long time for the WWE to do something constructive with Bo Dallas and Curtis Axel. It seems that time has finally come, with Dallas and Axel announcing the formation of their new tag team, the B-team.

Perfect Mix Between Humor and Skill

When you use humor as a cornerstone of a tag team, you are in danger of becoming a ‘weak’ gimmick. While some tag teams do well with the humor angle, many of them are doomed to be jobbers, just look at Breezango.

Much like Breezango, Axel and Dallas have been sentenced to be jobbers. The Miz did bring them back from the background, so I hope the WWE will run with this B-team gimmick.

Still, the team is off to a good start. They showed a great mix of humor and skill. If they can maintain this over the next couple of months, we may have another major tag team on our hands.

Taking on Bray Wyatt and Matt Hardy?

There is only one problem along the way for the B-team and that is the team of Bray Wyatt and Matt Hardy. Hardy’s ‘Woken’ gimmick is quite hot right now, so I do not see Axel and Dallas winning against them anytime soon. Still, it would be cool for the B-Team maybe to join the team, as was predicted several months ago.

On the other hand, I do not think the B-team needs to join anyone to be successful. I think the team can carry itself providing they get the right bookings and opportunities. We need a little more humor in the WWE, the type we can actually laugh at, not the fact that Brock Lesnar is still the Universal Champion.

Do you like the B-Team? Should the team get some better opportunities in the future? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below!

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