WrestleMania Predictions: Andre the Giant Battle Royal

The annual Andre the Giant Battle Royal is set to be a big one. With a documentary on Andre the Giant about to be released, the WWE intends on making the Andre the Giant Battle Royal real great this year. But who will win this epic over-the-rope battle? Let’s see what the experts at Ringside Intel have to say!

Sandra’s Predictions

Even though the Andre the Giant Battle Royal has been a little underwhelming the past couple of years, I believe this one will be different. As mentioned in the introduction, there is a documentary coming on Andre the Giant, so the WWE wants to draw the right type of attention to this match.

There are loads of possibilities where participants are concerned and I believe there might be some surprises too. One of the participants that could enter the Battle Royal is Big Cass, who has been out with an injury for several months. A win could also recharge his career, so this is a big possibility in my opinion.

I also expect the Miztourage to enter the Battle Royal, more specifically Curtis Axel and Bo Dallas. Even though the Miz has a match for the Intercontinental Championship, Axel and Dallas surely need their own matches at WrestleMania.

Another big possibility for the Andre the Giant Battle Royal is the Big Show. Recent photographs have surfaced, with the Big Show showing off his abs! So, he is preparing for something. Could it be the Andre the Giant Battle Royal? Or maybe he will fight alongside Braun Strowman for the tag team titles?

Kane is another name that is being thrown out there and he would be a good choice for the Andre the Giant Battle Royal. There is a problem though because Kane has been jobbing for a while, making it unlikely he will take the win. It is sad in my opinion, but the WWE needs to find a balance for this legend before he retires.

I also expect some call-ups from NXT. More even, I strongly believe an NXT guy might take the win at the Andre the Giant Battle Royal. If they want to get the spotlight on the match, it is time for someone to get a call-up and win the Battle Royal, becoming a serious contender. Therefore, the win could go to the likes of Drew McIntyre, Adam Cole, or Andrade Cien Almas.

If I had to pick my favorite to win the Andre the Giant Battle Royal, I would say Adam Cole. He is more than ready for the main roster, so he is my top pick to win the Andre the Giant Battle Royal.

Katie’s Predictions

I was able to use the power of deduction to pick a winner for the first-ever Women’s WrestleMania Battle Royal, but I, unfortunately, don’t have that luxury for this match, which history has proven to be truly arbitrary.

So how am I picking my winner? Betting odds! (Thanks, Hunter!)

According to Wrestling Inc., Elias is the favorite to win this match. Unfortunately, I’m not on board with that. I love, love, love Elias, and he deserves a bigger WrestleMania moment than a throwaway match on the pre-show (I desperately want him to be revealed as Braun Strowman’s mystery tag team partner). So, despite the betting odds being strongly in Elias’s favor, I’m not picking him out of sheer stubbornness.

Other wrestlers mentioned in the betting odds for this match are Big Cass and Samoa Joe, who are both sitting at +400. Both men have been on the shelf for months due to injury, and both have also reportedly been cleared to return. However, while Big Cass’s return date remains unknown, Wrestling Inc. also reported that Samoa Joe is booked for Raw on April 16. Based on that, I’m predicting a surprise return and win for Samoa Joe.

Hunter’s Predictions

These type of matches are such a crap-shoot. The favorites never win. There’s always some sort of interference. It was fun the first time it happened when Cesaro picked up and eliminated Big Show after that is has been a dud. The favorites according to the betting sites are Elias and a returning Big Cass followed by Drew McIntyre and…Goldberg. So this means Rhyno or something equally random is winning. Like every other match, nothing will come of this. They’ll get a bit of a push the next night but then after that? Probably nothing. My wild prediction that Kurt Angle says if Braun wins he won’t have to pick a partner. But I am always wrong. So Tye Dillinger is probably winning.

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