Who Will Be Raw’s Top Heel? Here Are Three Possibilities

There have been some amazing surprises with the Superstar Shakeup, but also some serious questions. One of the queries arising from the Superstar Shakeup is who will be the top heel on the Raw brand? Will It be Sami and Kevin? Or will Baron Corbin finally get a chance to shine? We investigate.

Huge Influx of Heels

The Superstar Shakeup saw a large number of heels from the Raw brand appear on Monday Night Raw. Some of the heels that were moved to Monday Night Raw were Kevin Owens, Sami Zayn, and Baron Corbin. Of course, this leaves us with the question, who will be the top heel on Monday Night Raw?

Zayn Brilliance

I have to be honest, the heel that stands out the most for me at this point is Sami Zayn. He has reinvented himself beautifully as the annoying heel and I, for one, am incredibly entertained.

The Sami and Kevin show was a stroke of brilliance in my opinion. From Owens being his usual flippant self to Sami Zayn putting on his reading glasses and being hyperactive. It was entertaining from beginning to end. So, I hope we can get another episode next week.

Baron Corbin Receiving Big Push

One thing that became apparent immediately on Monday Night Raw was that Baron Corbin is receiving a big push, almost reminiscent of the push Roman Reigns received. The WWE is building him slowly to a top heel. However, I do believe the WWE is testing the waters and seeing which will come out on top. The duo of Zayn and Owens, or the “Lone Wolf”? I’m not going to lie, I have my favorite already because Zayn and Owens are entertaining me more!

Which WWE superstar will become the top heel on the Raw brand? Do you think it should be Zayn, Owens, or Baron Corbin? Or do you have another superstar in mind? Let us know who you believe should receive the title of the biggest Raw heel!

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