Six Stars Who Need A Total Career Makeover!

Some superstars could benefit from a “final deletion” at the hands of Matt Hardy. After a deletion, they could return with a new character that could revitalize their career, not unlike Bray Wyatt recently did. Below, I have listed 6 WWE superstars that could benefit most from such a “deletion.” Curious who they are?

1. Roman Reigns

One of the superstars I would change is Roman Reigns. He is a good wrestler, but the WWE has ruined him by the ridiculous pushes they did over the past couple of years. If Roman Reigns were to get a character makeover, he could finally get over with the crowd. Of course, he must come up with a great gimmick first. While I don’t mind “the Big Dog,” there are many WWE fans who cannot wait to see the back of him. So, either turn him heel or give him a character makeover. It is that simple!

2. Epico and Primo Colon

Another prime example of a terrific pair of wrestlers, but with horrible characters and bookings. From the beginning of their main roster debut until now, they have mainly been jobbers, but I believe there is much more to these guys than that. Someone in WWE Creative needs to take a serious look at these guys and give them a character they can work with. Right now, many of us have forgotten they are even around.

3. Chad Gable and Shelton Benjamin

Chad Gable and Shelton Benjamin are an example of WWE’s lack of defined characters. Yes, they are both good wrestlers, but when it comes to their characters, it is difficult to tell who they are or what they represent.

Shelton Benjamin and Chad Gable need some decent character work. Don’t get me wrong, it is not all down to WWE creative – they could add something to their character too. So, a “deletion” could benefit them too.

4. Zack Ryder

The problem with Zack Ryder is quite different from the other people described in this list. Contrary to most, Zack Ryder does have a character that is worked out extremely well, but he is now fading in the background.

To get back into a title picture, I believe Zack Ryder should change his character. WWE Creative will not do it for him at the moment, so he could try throwing in some ideas at WWE headquarters. He is creative enough, so I’m sure he could do something great given the opportunity.

5. Jason Jordan

Even though he is currently on the injured list, Jason Jordan could benefit from a character change. Since his move to Raw, the crowd has had the same reaction to Jordan as they did with Roman Reigns. If he continues with this character, I fear he will suffer the same fate with WWE fans. He’s quite the wrestler, so it would be a shame.

6. Apollo Crews

I’ve mentioned a character change for Apollo Crews quite a few times, so it is no wonder he is on this list. Once again, Crews is a fantastic wrestler, but his character is not resonating with the crowd. Whether he continues in singles or tag teams, a character change is long overdue.

Which WWE Superstar must get a total makeover? Let me know what you think in the comment section below!

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