Final WrestleMania Predictions And Rumors!

We already made our predictions for the matches at WrestleMania 34, but this does not mean we are done with our predictions! Today, I have five wild WrestleMania predictions for you. These predictions are based on rumors and backstage talk, so be sure to read them as they might become a reality! We also included five moments we hope DO NOT happen at WrestleMania 34!

1. Sister Abigail Enters the Women’s Battle Royal

This is one of the most intriguing rumors in my opinion. With Bray Wyatt “deleted” by Matt Hardy, many wonder what happened to the spirit of Sister Abigail. The answer could come at WrestleMania!

Some wrestling reporters have speculated about Sister Abigail being a participant in the Women’s Battle Royal this year. It would certainly be an amazing introduction to the already mythical character. Of course, with Sister Abigail’s spirit “banished” from Bray Wyatt after the final deletion, a female wrestler should take on the role of Abigail. Nikki Cross could be a good option in that regard, because we all know she does “mentally unstable” extremely well.

2. Batista Makes a Return

Another rumor circulating the WWE locker room is a possible return for Batista. Originally, Batista was supposed to be Ronda Rousey’s partner instead of Kurt Angle, but that deal fell through. Of course, this does not mean that the WWE does not have a plan for Batista. How cool would it be if he was Braun Strowman’s tag team partner?

3. Rey Mysterio Will Make an Appearance at WrestleMania 34

This rumor is probably my personal favorite, since Rey Mysterio is the person who got me into wrestling. There has been a lot of talk surrounding Rey Mysterio, so an appearance for him is likely.

One thing that could negate an appearance for Rey is the fact that he denied he will appear at WrestleMania 34. A little part of me hopes he is hiding the fact he will make an appearance as Strowman’s tag team partner. Still, I would be just as happy with Batista.

4. The Hulkster Returns

Hulk Hogan is another name that is being thrown around to make a possible return at WrestleMania 34. Even though Mark Henry has opposed a return for the Hulkster strongly, the WWE is rumored to be talking to Hulk Hogan to ease him back into the company.

My opinion on Hulk Hogan’s return does not matter much, the opinion of black wrestling fans matters more. The statements he made were directed at them, so they should be the ones to decide if a return for the Hulkster is appropriate.

5. The Rock Makes an Appearance

The Rock is known to make an appearance at WrestleMania, so this is certainly not an unusual prediction. Still, how wonderful would it be to see the Rock again, even for only a couple of minutes? Therefore, I hope this rumor 100% true.

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