Can The US Title Become The “Rusev Day” Title?

The United States Championship will be a fatal four way at WrestleMania 34, since Rusev was recently added to the card. But what does the latest addition to the match mean for the outcome? Will it be a glorious Rusev Day? Let’s see what the experts at Ringside Intel think!

Sandra’s Predictions

I must admit that the United States Championship was not one of my favorite matches on the card, to begin with. I found myself not invested in the story whatsoever, mainly because of Orton and Jinder Mahal, of which I have seen too many matches over the past year. However, adding Rusev and Roode to the mix changes things dramatically.

Things started out lukewarm with a triple treat involving Roode, Orton, and Mahal. Still, many of us were left wondering what would happen to Rusev for WrestleMania. Fortunately, the WWE has answered our questions by adding Rusev to the mix. Yes, the announcement that Rusev would join the match could have been bigger, but I am happy with it nonetheless.

My hope for the United States Championship is for Rusev to take the win. He is a hit with the crowd since the start of his “Rusev Day” gimmick, so a title run would make sense.

I do not believe Orton will retain. The man has so many title reigns under his belt, he does not need many more. Don’t get me wrong, he has worked his way to the titles, but it is time for someone else now. Roode held the title recently and did quite well with it. Jinder also held the title, but fans were not that fond of his title reign. Given the popularity of Rusev, the WWE could draw more people to the brand by giving him the title at WrestleMania.

WWE’s plans often make no logical sense whatsoever. So while Rusev winning the title would be the obvious choice, his popularity is by no means a guarantee. Who knows? The WWE might want to give Jinder Mahal another title run, which certainly would draw the ire of fans.

My prediction for the United States Championship match is a win for Rusev. Am I 100% certain? No but I am hoping that the great Bulgarian wrestler gets the title reign he deserves after a few years stuck in the middle. After all, Wrestlemania is happening on Rusev Day.

Katie’s Predictions

I don’t like when Superstars are added to a match last minute. But WWE made the right move throwing Rusev into the United States Championship match at WrestleMania. Now, I care about this match when I didn’t before.

The U.S. Championship is one of – if not the most – undervalued titles on WWE’s roster. This upsets me. I like the U.S. Championship. It’s a nice looking belt, and John Cena’s U.S. Open Challenge was the greatest thing to happen in WWE in years. But ever since Dolph Ziggler vacated the title back in December, the prestige that champions like Cena, Kevin Owens, and AJ Styles worked so hard to restore has fell into oblivion. If WWE does the right thing and gives Rusev the win on Sunday, I have faith that the U.S. Championship could be elevated to its former glory.

No offense to Bobby Roode and Randy Orton, but Rusev is what the U.S. Championship needs. And, quite frankly, Rusev as U.S. Champion is what SmackDown needs. The blue brand has been faltering. Putting the title on the hot and popular Rusev would go a long way in restoring faith in the show. Alternatively, if WWE wants to tank SmackDown’s ratings they can go ahead and put the strap on Jinder Mahal.

Furthermore, PWInsider’s Mike Johnson said he “heard a month or three weeks ago that Rusev was pushing for a release because he wasn’t happy with how he was being used.” While Johnson couldn’t confirm the rumor with a second source, if it is true it wouldn’t be surprising if WWE puts the title on Rusev just to keep him around; after all, his merchandise is selling like crazy.

That’s not to say that Rusev doesn’t deserve to win on his own merit. He does, and I hope he takes the title on Sunday. After all, Wrestlemania is happening on Rusev Day.

Hunter’s Predictions

There are rumors that Rusev asked for his release and instead WWE put him into the US title match. I don’t know how true that is as it wasn’t verified by more than one source. But it can’t be denied that “Rusev Day” is incredibly popular. Is it just a chant or is it actually Rusev? I’d say 55/45. Rusev is a charismatic talent in and out of the ring. The chants are an indicator that the fans are buying whatever he’s selling. I keep forgetting Randy Orton is the champion, I still think Roode is the champ. Jinder is there to take the pin, I hope. I don’t dislike Mahal, but he didn’t do much with this push he got. Rusev wins and the crowd goes wild. A fitting symmetry for Rusev as he defended the US title at his first ever Wrestlemania when he entered the stadium ON A TANK.

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Even if he doesn’t win, Rusev will still get a big reaction. After all, Wrestlemania is happening on Rusev Day.

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