Can Styles And Nakamura Live Up To The Hype?

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One of the most anticipated matches of WrestleMania 34 is undoubtedly the match between Shinsuke Nakamura and AJ Styles, but who will take the win in this epic clash of the titans? Let’s see what our team thinks!

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Sandra’s Predictions

I have to be honest when it comes down to this match; the winner takes a backseat to the actual match itself. Both Styles and Shinsuke Nakamura are known to put on sensational matches, so a WrestleMania match between the pair was inevitable. We can expect an action-packed match, during which we will be continuously entertained. I have no doubt this will be the match of the night. Who knows, the WWE may put this match where it belongs in the main event!

Of course, we do have to speculate a little when it comes to the winner because both deserve the win. I expect the same will reflect in crowd reactions at WrestleMania. Like me, they will not know who to cheer for.

Styles has held the title for some time, but it is the right time for a Nakamura title run. I think yes, but then I am worried about the consequences for AJ Styles. There is some talk that AJ Styles will be transferred to the Raw brand, so maybe they could make him go for the Intercontinental Title or the Universal Title after Nakamura takes the win.


Considering the rumors of a brand move for AJ Styles, it is likely Nakamura will take the win at WrestleMania. Nakamura as champion does provide many advantages for the SmackDown brand since it opens up the possibility of loads of new feuds and rivalries. Moving Styles to Raw also gives him a clean exit from the SmackDown brand as a serious competitor for the titles on the RAW brand.

Still, as I mentioned before, the winner of this match does not matter as much. Since both are considered “faces” (the good guys), the crowd will support both.Since Nakamura has not held the WWE title, a win would mean a little more for him regarding his status as a leading roster wrestler. But no matter how much I twist things around and look at it from every angle, there is no way on God’s green earth that I could be disappointed in anything this match has to offer. Talk about a dream booking!

Katie’s Predictions

The only match I’m more excited for than this one is the triple-threat match for the Intercontinental Championship, and much like that match, this one could quickly go any which way. But, I think I’m leaning toward a Nakamura win.

AJ Styles has been killing it in WWE ever since his debut, and I believe he’s the best wrestler in the world right now. While I would love to see him survive WrestleMania as WWE Champion, losing the title wouldn’t hurt him – he’d be able to rebound pretty quickly either by challenging for another title on SmackDown (I’m still craving a real revival of the United States Championship Open Challenge) or switching brands (I would LOVE to see a Styles vs. Rollins feud).

As for Nakamura, it took him a bit longer to get off the ground on WWE’s main roster. But he’s finally performing at the level where his fans always knew he could, and a reign with the WWE Championship would push him into the upper echelons where he belongs. Alternatively, I’m not sure what his next step would be if he failed to capture the WWE Championship. He needs a launching pad, and a loss at WrestleMania would be anything but.

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No matter who wins, this is a dream match for wrestling fans the world over. If you’d told any wrestling fan five years ago that AJ Styles and Shinsuke Nakamura would headline WrestleMania in a WWE Championship match, they’d think you’d gone mental. But the world of professional wrestling is a lot different than it was five years ago, and I’m so here for it.

Hunter’s Predictions

The expectations for this match are so high that I am afraid it can’t live up to them. The match the two of them put on in Japan is legendary. I don’t know if they’ll reach legendary status here, but the match will be exceptional. It has to be because Styles and Shinsuke are incapable of putting on a less-than-good match. AJ Styles is the best wrestler on the Planet Earth, and Nakamura is in the Top 10. AJ got a great match out of huffing and puffing Brock Lesnar. Imagine what he’ll do with a Nakamura who has waited for this spotlight for the past two years? I think Nakamura wins, but the match will be so good it won’t matter. But don’t expect the “best match ever” because you’ll be disappointed.

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