WWE Superstars Who Show Their Discontent During Matches!

As a WWE Superstar, you may encounter matches that you did not sign up for. In some cases, this is apparently visible by the actions of the wrestlers in the ring! Here are some wrestlers who have no qualms showing their discontent during live TV!

Gail Kim

You may not remember this, but Gail Kim did a stint in the WWE. Of course, she was far from happy with the position she had in the company, especially during a women’s Battle Royal in 2011, where she was eliminated first.

Kim did not go out without showing her discontent though, as she casually rolled through the ropes, leading to her eliminating herself. One thing I can say, I am so glad Gail Kim went to Impact Wrestling and became as big as she deserves!

Shawn Michaels


The king of showing his discontent in the ring is undoubtedly Shawn Michaels since the man has many of these moments to his name. Of course, him showing his dissatisfaction has led to some hilarious TV moments.

One of the times where Shawn Michaels showed his discontent was during a match with Hulk Hogan. Even though most superstars would be glad to have a match with him, Michaels was upset he needed to lose clean to a then-aging Hogan. So, in retaliation, Michaels oversold each of the moves, making the match look almost comical.


Brock Lesnar and Goldberg

There is still one person that shows his discontent more often than Shawn Michaels, although it is hard to tell with a person who seems like he does not want to be there all the time. The wrestler we are talking about is Brock Lesnar.

One match where Brock Lesnar’s discontent was apparent, was the match between Goldberg and Lesnar at Madison Square Garden during Wrestlemania XX.

Still, it does not beat the sheer disinterest Lesnar shows whenever he is doing a promo with Heyman in the middle of the ring. Thank god for Heyman. Otherwise, it would be horrendous all the time.

CM Punk

It is wise not to mess with wrestlers when they already appear a little miffed. Unfortunately for a fan who decided to take on CM Punk on a bad day, the fan ignored this golden rule and got destroyed by CM Punk verbally. Good for us though, because this television moment is not going to be forgotten anytime soon.


Veteran Sting is responsible for some of the best wrestling matches in history. However, one of his matches will go down in infamy, his match with Jeff Hardy.

Despite being a fantastic talent, Jeff Hardy had some problems with substance abuse over the years. When he showed up apparently under the influence of something during a wrestling match and was not able to perform, the match only took 90 seconds. Sting was visibly upset with the lack of professionalism and Jeff Hardy in general. My question? Why did TNA let him come out in the first place?

What I Think About Wrestlers Breaking Kayfabe?

Some of these situations were quite serious, and anyone would lose their temper or their played character having to deal with this kind of thing. One of these moments that especially sticks out for me was the match with Sting and Jeff Hardy. It also reminds us that these superstars are people and that they do have feelings and problems. A lesson we should all learn before we judge.

What do you think about these moments? Do you believe they are justified in breaking character? Let us know in the comment section below.