The Five Best Irish Wrestlers!

Ireland is represented well in wrestling. Some of the most successful wrestlers have Irish roots. Curious what our top five is? Find out by reading our overview of the best five Irish wrestlers below!

Finn Balor

One of the most successful wrestlers today is undoubtedly Finn Balor. Finn is one of the main attractions on Monday Night Raw, but his success extends much further than the WWE.

Finn Balor has quite the impressive background in the indies; this includes time as a tope star in New Japan Pro Wrestling. However, Balor also created his own wrestling promotion at one point; this happened just before he conquered a spot on the prestigious roster of New Japan.

His extensive indie career has certainly helped to shape the wrestler we see in him today. I have no doubt that there is a bright future for Finn in the WWE, all he needs is another title run!


When you think about a successful Irish wrestler, it is impossible not to think about Sheamus. The Irish wrestler started out in ECW and made his way to Raw and Smackdown later. He has held numerous titles over the years and even defeated Daniel Bryan at WrestleMania in only 18 seconds!

The only real negative surrounding Sheamus’ career is poor booking. Of course, this is not due to Sheamus, but more the WWE wasting this amazing man’s talent at times. Fortunately, he is now enjoying great success with tag team partner Cesaro, since the Bar is one of the more exhilarating tag teams on the Raw roster.

Becky Lynch

While we are talking about epic Irish wrestlers, we cannot forget to mention the Irish Lasskicker Becky Lynch!

Like most female wrestlers who manage to earn a spot in the WWE these days, Lynch has an extensive track record in the indies. She started her wrestling career as early as 2002 and has traveled the world before ending up in the WWE.

Gaining experience in Europe, North America, and even Japan, it is obvious why Becky Lynch should be on this list. While she may be poorly managed at the moment, nobody can deny the stage presence, charisma, and skill of this fiery Irish lady!

Danno O’Mahony

While most of you will not remember him, since this wrestler died very young at the age of 38 in 1950, he had a lasting impact on wrestling. He was the inventor of the legendary “Irish Whip” move and even got immortalized in Ireland with his own statue, which can still be visited in his hometown of Ballydehob, Cork.

Dave Finlay

One wrestler known for his hard work and his storytelling ability is Dave Finlay. While you might remember him as “the man with the leprechaun”, Finlay is much more than that.

Finlay has an impressive track record spanning back thirty years before he joined the WWE. He played a prominent role in WCW and even trained Kurt Angle and CM Punk. He was also in many Money in the Bank Ladder Matches.

Nowadays, Finlay is no longer an active wrestler, but this does not mean he said goodbye to it. Currently, Finlay is working as an agent and producer for the WWE.

Who are your favorite Irish wrestlers? Let us know in the comment section below.

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