Five WWE Stars Popped For Drug Abuse!

With Roman Reigns receiving another temporary suspension from Vince McMahon during this week’s episode of Raw, it is time to look at some of the forgotten suspensions over the years. Yes, Roman’s latest suspension is a storyline, but this does not make it less appealing!

The WWE takes drug policies seriously; this much is clear by looking at some of the top wrestlers who got served with a suspension over the years. While you might remember some prolific wrestlers getting suspended, such as Roman Reigns and Paige, there are others you may not know about. Here are some of the wrestlers who you might have forgotten they got served with a suspension.

1. Dolph Ziggler

Even company man Dolph Ziggler was served with a suspension at one point of his career. His suspension occurred in 2008, shortly after he made his return to the Raw roster. Ziggler was suspended for violating the WWE Wellness Policy.

Despite his suspension, his violation of the wellness policy did not cost him his career. Ziggler has been one of the main people on the roster and has remained clean since his violation.

2. Sin Cara

One of the people that has found his career impacted by suspensions is Sin Cara. Even though he was recruited by Triple H, Sin Cara’s temper got him into some serious trouble many times.

Since his debut, Sin Cara has been suspended a number of times. In July 2011, he was suspended for 30 days for failing a drug test. He would later be forced to take anger management classes due to altercations with Alberto Del Rio and Simon Gotch.

3. Health Slater

A suspension that surprised me was Heath Slater. Slater was suspended for 30 days on October 17, 2011.

During the time of his suspension, Slater was not involved in any big storylines or matches. So, we are left wondering what the nature of his violation was.

4. Funaki

Even a beloved star such as Funaki did not escape the dreaded wellness policy violation. Funaki got suspended in August 2007. The suspension was served after he allegedly received illegal steroids.¬†Fortunately, the suspension did not impact Funaki’s career or his standing among fans. INDEED!

5. Hornswoggle

The final wrestler who might surprise you with a suspension of his own is Hornswoggle. Even though Hornswoggle was signed by the WWE at the time of his suspension, he was not on television at all. However, Hornswoggle did get a 30-day suspension for a violation of the WWE Wellness Policy.

Which suspension surprised you the most? Let us know in the comment section below!

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