Tyson Kidd Forgives Samoa Joe For Career-Ending Injury

TJ Wilson (aka Tyson Kidd) was one of my favorite people to watch in the WWE, especially when he teamed up with Cesaro! Unfortunately, it was not meant to be, as TJ suffered a career-ending injury during a match with Samoa Joe.

Recently, TJ Wilson released a statement on Twitter, saying he has no animosity towards Samoa Joe. Here is the story!

Suffering a Horrific Injury

It is no secret that TJ Wilson’s injury could have killed him. During a non-televised match against Samoa Joe, he suffered a neck injury only 5% of people survive. According to the medical experts, the large muscle volume in his neck saved his life, since the average person would not survive such a devastating blow.

Due to the severe nature of the injury, TJ Wilson was forced to say goodbye to wrestling forever. Fortunately, the WWE decided to keep TJ involved with the WWE and gave him a background role as a producer.

Not Having Any Hard Feelings Towards Samoa Joe

Many wrestling fans find it difficult to believe that TJ holds no hard feelings towards Samoa Joe, considering the injury TJ suffered occurred during a match with him. However, TJ has proven everyone wrong with a statement on Twitter, saying he carries no animosity towards Samoa Joe.

 My Opinion

tyson kidd

I would be lying if I said I don’t miss Tyson Kidd in the ring. However, accidents happen in the WWE, no matter how experienced you are. Samoa Joe never meant to injure Tyson; it is just one of those things that happen. So, Samoa Joe should not be blamed for this.

Still, we are lucky to have TJ Wilson working backstage for the WWE, so his experience can still contribute to a great show. I’m also happy for Natalya, who can keep traveling with her husband while working for the WWE.

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