The Three Signs That 205 Live Is Improving

Changes in the 205 Live division were expected when Triple H took over the ailing brand. Changes have been seen in the brand recently, and I honestly believe that 205 Live has improved tremendously. Here are some of the reasons why you should tune in for 205 Live again.

Rockstar Spud

205 Live was in desperate need of some direction. It seems like Triple H has provided that direction by recruiting Rockstar Spud, who was previously signed by Impact Wrestling, to serve as the GM.

Rockstar Spud certainly brings a lot more character to 205 Live and his years of experience shine through in the way he presents himself and the wrestlers under his command. With such a powerful general manager at the helm, the 205 Live roster immediately became more interesting.

Amazing Matches

Before Triple H took over 205 Live, the WWE seemed hell-bent to make Enzo Amore the main face of the brand. Unfortunately, Amore was a wrestler with a lot of attitude and sub-par wrestling skills, leading the brand to decline further. The mismanagement of skilled superstars also prompted Neville to walk out before a match was to take place during Monday Night Raw.

With Triple H at the helm, the difference between matches is almost like night and day. We finally get to see more of the people with incredible skills, while sub-par wrestlers are no longer included. This is what the 205 Live was supposed to be!

The Tournament

There is also room for tournaments at 205 Live. One is currently going on to determine the two people that will battle it out at WrestleMania! The prize? The Cruiserweight Championship!

What Changes I Think Should Happen Still?

I must admit I am pleased with the 205 Live product at the moment, but one thing is missing from the brand, and that is Neville.

Neville had no problems working with Triple H in the past since he had a long and successful reign in NXT. However, a return for the British star seems unlikely with every passing day.

Still, with the many changes made to the 205 Live brand, the WWE has gained my interest back. I hope they keep delivering an outstanding product, and I will continue following loyally.

Have you checked out the new 205 Live? What are your impressions? Let us know in the comment section below.