Serena Deeb Becomes New Women’s Coach at WWE Performance Center

The WWE has a series of coaches at the WWE performance center, some of which have been an integral part of the women’s revolution. Now, a new coach will join the fray, since the WWE has announced the arrival of new coach Serena Deeb.

Who Is Serena Deeb?

Many of you will remember Serena Deeb since she was one of CM Punk’s acolytes during the Straight Edge Society storyline. During the ongoing storyline, Serena Deeb had her hair shaved off in the middle of the ring. So, it is no surprise that the moment stayed in the minds of fans.

What Will Serena Deeb Do at the Performance Center?

Serena will become a new coach for the female talent. She will be working alongside Sara Amato for some time, and will then be working out on her own to train potential female superstars.

During an interview for the WWE website, Serena said the following about the possibility of training new talent:

“Just thinking back on my career and the process I went through, helping people to reach a point where you can see the LIGHT BULB go off and they start to grasp certain things is very rewarding. I think that it’s very different for beginners than it is for people who are a little bit farther along as far as the concepts you’re trying to teach them are going to be different in those levels. I think teaching people in the beginning, when it’s a clean slate and their brain is just really starting to absorb everything and things start falling into place, is just a really crucial time in their development.”

Being Good at Teaching

Serena Deeb mentioned she comes from a long lineage of teachers since many people in her family have a school teaching background. She also has a strong history in yoga teaching. This experience is bound to prove useful during her stint at the Performance Center.

How She Became a Coach for the WWE

Many of you might be interested to learn how Serena got the job at the WWE Performance Center. Here’s how Deeb describes it:

“Sure. The offer presented itself initially almost a year ago. It was pre-Mae Young Classic. I knew of the tournament and was aware of it, and then I was contacted by the company to see if I had any interest in being one of the talent in the tournament, but it was also coupled with the idea of potentially coming in as a coach following the tournament. The tournament was the first stop on the tracks, and following that, I came back in a week in the fall for an official coaching tryout, and following that, it was pretty quickly offered.”

On behalf of the Ringside Intel team, I would like to congratulate Serena on her new job. I am sure she will be a great coach and prepare talent to amaze us with their skill for a long time to come.

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