James Ellsworth Channels Andy Kaufman With “Inter-Gender” Title

Professional wrestler Andy Kaufman was widely known for his comedy and for being the “inter-gender” wrestling champion of the world. Now it would seem James Ellsworth is doing the same. Of course, this is a smart decision, since Ellsworth looks far from a normal wrestler. Here is the story.

Intergender Competition

During his stint in the WWE, there were countless rumors about a match between Ellsworth and Becky Lynch, which would have been a genuine inter-gender match in a long time. However, we were left somewhat disappointed after a short segment, which was not truly a match.

Ellsworth seems to keep playing on the inter-gender matches, releasing a Tweet that he would defend the World Inter-Gender Championship across the world.

Wrestling fans who want to see Ellsworth defend the inter-gender title should keep a close eye on the indies since a match is expected on an indie promotion soon. Any interested female or male wrestlers must book their title match with Ellsworth’s management at [email protected].

A Great Step for Inter-Gender Wrestling

Even though some wrestling promotions have inter-gender wrestling on a regular basis; this includes Lucha Underground, most mainstream wrestling promotions do not touch the hot potato being inter-gender wrestling. Still, if women are considered as equal to men, shouldn’t there be an opportunity for women to fight men?

There have been many great women in history who have attempted to fill the gap between male and female wrestling. Some of these wrestlers include Chyna and Beth Phoenix, who have both marked history by taking on male competitors.

Even though there have been some women who took on male wrestlers to a certain degree, it was never a fully fledged match. Good examples of such experiments include the match between John Cena, Nikki Bella, the Miz, and Maryse. Another example is the Becky Lynch beat-down of James Ellsworth.

It is time to take the inter-gender competition seriously, even though Ellsworth is taking it from a comedy angle at the moment. Still, I believe that this is one of the first steps in the right direction and I hope other developments in the future will create an equal part for men and women.

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