Ivory Claims Her Spot in the WWE Hall of Fame

With a star-studded 2018 Hall of Fame ceremony, it is hard to believe it could get any better. It gets even better though because the WWE has announced that former women’s champion Ivory will also get her spot in the WWE Hall of Fame!

Who Is Ivory

Was Ivory before your time? No problem, because here is the low-down on the ground-breaking wrestler and manager.

Ivory, real name Lisa Mary Moretti, was born on November 26, 1961. She is mainly known for her stint in the WWE, which went from 1999 until 2005.

Despite her career in the WWE, GLOW fans might be interested to know that Ivory began her career in the groundbreaking 1980s independent promotion that spawned the Netflix series.

Championship Reigns

Ivory has several championships under her belt. In the WWE (then WWF) she won the WWF Women’s Championship three times! She also has a number of independent titles; this includes CCW Women’s Tag Team Championship, GLOW Championship, LSC Championship, POWW Championship, and the SuperGirls Championship.

Ivory’s Most Memorable Moments

Even though I only started watching wrestling past Ivory’s time, I got so into wrestling I went back to the beginning and watched everything the WWF abd WCW had to offer. Since this includes the time where Ivory was an active wrestler, let me provide you with my favorite Ivory moments.

Lita Versus Ivory

One of Ivory’s most memorable heel moments came during a match with Lita. While we all hoped Lita would win during the match, you cannot help but marvel at how great of a heel Ivory remains during a match. Far from the tweens we get nowadays, Ivory certainly made an excellent baddie. The match also showed how great she was an athlete.

Ivory Likes to Censor

When I think of Ivory, the thing I remember most is her stint with RTC or Right to Censor. The movement was a play at the changes happening in the WWE, which would turn the WWE in the PG era we know today.

Let’s face it, we all remember the annoying entrance music of anyone who was a part of the Right to Censor movement. Still, its high annoyance level and constant spoiling of WWE television as supreme heels delivered one of Ivory’s most memorable moments.

Chyna Versus Ivory

The last thing that springs to mind when I think of Ivory is her outstanding matches with Chyna (Rest in Peace girl). Chyna was an amazing athlete, but Ivory could certainly match her when it came to technical ability and stage presence. Needless to say, many of their matches were extremely entertaining and among some of my favorite moments.

What do you remember most about Ivory? Share your favorite Ivory moments in the comment section below!

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