Bray Wyatt Allegedly Bought His Mistress A Mini-Horse Instead Of Paying Child Support

The affair between Bray Wyatt and WWE ring announcer Jojo has been discussed widely in the media. It also resulted in divorce for Bray Wyatt, whose wife left him after the incident came to light. Now, Wyatt is being put in a negative spotlight again; this after allegations that Wyatt is spending child support on luxurious gifts for mistress Jojo. Here is the story.

Ordered to Pay $14,735

Recently the details of Wyatt’s divorce settlement came to light. Wyatt was ordered to pay his ex-wife Samantha $14,735 a month in spousal support, as well as $50,000 upfront to cover the legal expenses of the divorce. However, according to the Daily Mail, and Samantha’s lawyer, Wyatt has only been paying $6,000 a month, violating the court agreement and leading Samantha to retake legal action.

Further Court Details Obtained by the Daily Mail

The reports state that Wyatt has spent $11,000 on various items between December 20, 2017, and January 4, 2018, even though he still owed a considerable amount to his wife.

Court documents list these items as visits to strip clubs in Miami, women’s swimwear, miniature horse supplies and jewelry from Diamonds Direct. Aside from the first one, most of his expenses are believed to go to Jojo.

Samantha’s lawyer also spoke exclusively to the Daily Mail, stating the wrestler has a ‘reckless and dangerous’ mentality. He also noted the wrestler needs to own up to his responsibilities.

Wrestling Blues

Wyatt’s personal life has been broken, but his wrestling career is not much better either. Wyatt has remained stagnant as a character and wrestler and almost seems complacent with his current position. The recent match with Matt Hardy at the Elimination Chamber pay-per-view was a prime example. While Hardy showed his experience, versatility, and skill, Wyatt seemed not to have any problems with having Hardy carry him in the ring.


Bray Wyatt Jojo

While the amount Wyatt has to pay to his former wife may seem astronomical, there are many things that you must consider. Firstly, Samantha has to take care of their two children and does not have a career of her own, mainly since she was responsible for the household while Wyatt was traveling. I don’t think the number is just put onto him because he is wealthy because $14,735 is quite specific.

Remember, Samantha has to cover medical expenses, household costs, school fees, food, and god knows what else. Yes, it may be a lot more than what the average American spends on their household, the calculations made by the court are made for a reason. I also wonder about costs relating to their home, taxes, and a lot more. So, while $14,735 may sound like a lot to us, it does make sense to me.

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