WWE Awards $25,000 Scholarship

The celebrations of the 25th anniversary of Raw continues this time by awarding $25000 in scholarship funds. The scholarship went to Jason Ferrer, a Media Communications student studying at Full Sail University.

Working for NXT

Jason Ferrer is a student at the Full Sail University. Dreaming about helping to produce WWE TV programming, Ferrer has been working behind to scenes on various NXT shows. As a thank you, the WWE awarded him with a $25000 scholarship, which also signifies the 25th anniversary of Raw.

“It means a lot,” Ferrer said. “I worked hard for this. My family moved with me to college, so I’m excited to show this off and say, ‘Look, I don’t have to pay off my loans, and I have a great kick-starter to move out!’”

“I was one of those people – ‘Yeah, I’m a fan, but I want to be a part of that,’” Ferrer said. “When I heard NXT had a partnership with Full Sail University, I had to come here. I graduated in the top 20 in my class, got accepted to every major university in Florida and I came here saying, ‘I want to be in NXT. This is it; this is my goal; no one’s going to get in my way.’”

The scholarship was presented by none other than NXT fan favorites Johnny Gargano and Ember Moon.

Jason Ferrer Interview And More Scholarships for Full Sail Students

The $25000 scholarship given to Jason was not the only scholarship awarded by the WWE for Full Sail students because the brand also awarded $385,000 to other Full Sail Students.

Statement by Gargano

Gargano had some wonderful things to say about the production crew. Even though we see wrestlers as the main people of the brand, there are many people backstage that could be seen as unsung heroes.

“People see me on camera, but so many people behind the camera do various things to make the show work,” Gargano said. “They never get the credit, so I’m glad we could give back a little in that respect.”

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