More WWE Returns Revealed for Raw’s 25th Anniversary!

The 25th-anniversary episode of Raw was star-studded already, but the WWE has now released more names that will be returning for the 25th-anniversary episode of Raw, and here they are!


One of the additional superstars set to return for the anniversary episode of Raw is none other than Jacqueline. Not only was Jacqueline one of the main female wrestlers of the Attitude Era, the wrestler also spent some time on the indie circuit. She was also inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2016.

Terri Runnels

Another female wrestler who is set to appear at the 25th anniversary of Raw is Terri Runnels. Runnels is one of the most memorable female wrestlers and valets. She appeared on television as Marlena, who accompanied real-life husband Goldust at the 1996 Royal Rumble. She also led the “York Foundation” a faction from the 80s that inspired Dana Brooke and Titus Worldwide today.

Maria Kanellis

Even though Maria Kanellis is scheduled to make an appearance during the anniversary episode, Maria Kanellis is 30 weeks pregnant; this means that a physical role for the female wrestler during the anniversary episode is out of the question. Still, I look forward to seeing her nonetheless.

Torrie Wilson

One of the most memorable female wrestlers of all time, Torrie Wilson, will also make an appearance during the anniversary episode of Raw. Being one of the most popular faces ever, as well as a survivor of the WCW brand, I look forward to seeing Torri again!

The Brooklyn Brawler

Another name that is being mentioned for a return during the anniversary episode is the Brooklyn Brawler. With a career spanning over more than three decades, people are certainly looking forward seeing this wrestler again. Even though it has been quiet around this wrestler since 2016, his appearance could certainly prove interesting.

Kelly Kelly

Rumors surrounding a comeback for Kelly Kelly have been rampant for years. Fortunately, fans now get what they want, because the WWE has stated Kelly Kelly will be present for the Raw anniversary episode. Seriously, I cannot wait!

Michelle McCool

Another memorable female wrestler, Michelle McCool, is making her return! Many people already know that Michelle McCool is also the Undertaker’s wife, however, the female wrestler is certainly responsible for more than that. I would even state that there would be no women’s division without this lady.

Chris Jericho

Talk about a crowd popper! I believe the crowd will go nuts when this guy makes a comeback. I’m not quite sure in which capacity he will return, but I’m hoping for a Royal Rumble entry!

Are you excited about these added returns? Which is your favorite? Let us know in the comment section below!