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Just when I thought Vince was going to let Finn Balor’s career die, I was pleasantly surprised that he has some other plans. The recent reunion of Finn Balor with his friends Gallows and Anderson aka the “Balor Club” could prove a goldmine for the WWE, and here is why.

Fan Response to The Balor Club reunion

Let’s face it, Finn Balor, as well as Gallows and Anderson, are famous in their right but Vince is convinced neither is “over” enough. Still, putting them together again has proven to be a big hit with the crowd, so Vince can no longer deny the star power of Finn Balor nor Gallows and Anderson.

While I am glad they put them together again, they could have done it a lot sooner. It would undoubtedly have been a good thing for Gallows and Anderson, who have been jobbing a considerable amount in 2017. Still, I won’t put a negative spin on this, since it is one of the biggest things I wanted last year.

The Benefits for Balor, Gallows, and Anderson

With the Club reunited, I hope Vince finally gives these guys the opportunities they deserve. I don’t want Gallows and Anderson to have to job again, especially given the reputation they built for themselves during their indie career. The same goes for Balor, who had to take some ridiculous losses in 2017, as well as suffering from a devastating injury after winning the Universal Championship.

The reunion of the Club could have some consequences for the Royal Rumble too since it could mean Finn, Gallows, or Anderson will get the win! Being a team certainly makes their position stronger, so I am probably looking forward to the upcoming Royal Rumble.

Despite all the advantages, I am a little scared of Vince McMahon interfering. Don’t forget, Vince has a clear preference for larger athletes, much like Brock Lesnar (which we had to suffer for one of the most painful and lengthy title runs). So, if Vince does not see the dollar signs too quickly, he might go off the Balor Club quicker than we want.

What is your opinion on the Balor Club reunion? Do you think they stand a good chance of winning the Royal Rumble? Let us know your opinion in the comment section below.

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