Jim Johnston Speaks Out About Being Fired from the WWE

The departure of Jim Johnston from the WWE after 32 of service came as a real surprise to many. Even though it has been relatively quiet around Jim over the past couple of months, Jim has now spoken out about his departure.

His Problems with the WWE

Jim Johnston spoke candidly during an interview on the Sean Mooney Podcast. Even though he had worked for the WWE for over 32 years, Jim stated that communication fell apart over the past five years. He also said he feels betrayed by people of who he thought were his friends.

During the interview, Jim also stated that Vince fired him over the telephone. According to Jim, it was a brief conversation; this is what he said about the situation:

“I had a brief conversation with Vince and it was over. All I’ll say is that I think there were a lot of ways to end it, and the way that it ended was, I think, there were better ways to end it to where everyone could’ve walked away with a much better feeling. After thirty-two years, it feels like a lost opportunity to me and I don’t really understand it.”

Vince’s behavior towards staff and the wrestling business recently has kept many people wondering. Many believe Vince no longer has an interest in the industry and is looking to sell up. If indeed true, this situation is bound to play out over the next couple of months.

Lack of Credits

During his interview, Jim also mentioned some other grievances he had with the company. One of his most significant problems was the lack of credits for his music since the WWE refuses to roll TV credits mentioning the production staff. Naturally, this puts Jim in an awkward situation after losing his job.

Jim Johnston also mentioned that there are many problems with theme music within the WWE nowadays. According to Jim, it is less about the character nowadays. Now, the WWE is just using entrance themes with no relation to the role. I would have to agree with him, just remember Emma’s music.

“It has less to do with the character and selling the character, it’s now something that coincidentally plays while somebody comes out.”

Great Memories

Johnston claims the Undertaker was sweet and gracious.

Despite having a sour taste in his mouth after being fired over the telephone by Vince McMahon, Jim did state he has some wonderful memories from his time within the WWE. He especially had some positive words for Steve Austin, the Undertaker, and Chris Jericho.

During his interview, Johnston stated that WWE superstars were kind and polite to him. He even mentioned that the Undertaker was sweet and gracious.

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