Highest Paid Wrestlers of 2017 Revealed!

I am a firm believer in being paid your worth. If you are a hard worker, they should pay you accordingly. Of course, things go entirely different in the world of the WWE; this is made clear once again with the latest reveal of highest paid wrestlers of 2017. Be ready for another rant!

1. Brock Lesnar $12 million

Of course! Who else could be paid an astronomical amount of money for barely doing anything.?Even though I’m not surprised, I don’t have to be happy about it.

Many people call Brock Lesnar one of the biggest draws on the RAW roster. While this may be the case for casual wrestling fans who only watch the WWE every now and again, it is probably not the case for loyal fans who are sick and tired of seeing this man huff and puff his way through matches. $12 million huh? Guess he has the last laugh again.

2. John Cena $10 million

I have no problems with John Cena being so high on this list, even though he is considered as semi-retired and a part-timer. Let’s face it; John Cena has always put wrestling first. He is passionate and frankly one of the hardest workers in the WWE. So, I think his high paycheck is wholly deserved, especially compared to the number one in this overview.

3. Triple H $3.8 million

Triple H’s earning in 2017 were incredibly surprising to me, mainly since the man lives and breathes wrestling. Also, the difference between John Cena and Triple H in wrestling wages are incredibly different.

Of course, you have to put this in perspective, since Triple H earns a lot more by playing an active role in management. The $3.8 million he received comes from wrestling, not from his management role or other incomes he might be enjoying from his position within the WWE.

4. Roman Reigns $3.5 million

Roman Reigns is also a big draw for the WWE, so it is no surprise he also finds himself on this list. Still, putting his earnings in contrast with Brock Lesnar’s shows a surprising trend within the WWE. Don’t forget, Reigns was named as one of the biggest draws of 2017, so why does he earn that much less?

5. Dean Ambrose $2.7 million

I have to admit I was a little surprised to find Dean Ambrose high on the list of top earners, even though he is one of the hardest working people within the WWE. A pleasant surprise though, because I believe a lot more people like Ambrose should get the pay to match their effort.


Some of the people on this list are deserving on this list, while others are not. However, one thing stood out like a sore thumb for me, more specifically that none of the female wrestlers are on it! So, despite women coming a long way in wrestling, it seems it does not translate to pay just yet.