Heath Slater Rescued After Being Trapped In Airplane Bathroom!

There are many reasons why I adore Heath Slater. Not only is a decent guy, but he is also responsible for moments like this. Before this story, I thought I was the only one stuff like this happened to. Fortunately, Heath Slater makes me feel a whole lot better now. Here’s the story!

Trapped in an Airplane Bathroom


While traveling to an event the night before New Year’s Eve in 2017, Heath Slater got stuck in an airplane bathroom. The story was released by Fox News on the 10th of January, but this happened over the holiday season. Poor Heath.

The Lighter Side of Things


Fortunately, Heath Slater could see the humor in it all and made some jokes as soon as the crew liberated him from the airplane toilet. Still, the thing that makes this experience truly hilarious is the commentary of Curtis Axel while the flight crew was trying to open the door. With statements such as “Don’t let him out. He’s a vicious animal,” I couldn’t help but laugh.

My Advise to Heath

For some reason, all I could think about were those personal injury commercials we get here in the UK (example in the video above). Those ads always start with “had an accident that wasn’t your fault?”. For some reason, I wanted to tweet a personal injury advert to Heath Slater. I wonder why?

Either way, my advice is to stay clear from those airplane bathrooms in the future. Or just have Curtis Axel stand in front and don’t lock it. Although, he will probably mess with you!

What is your advice to Heath about airplane bathrooms? Post your suggestions in the comment section below!

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