205Live Has A New GM And He Has A New Name

** January 30th UPDATE**

It is official! We Spud is the 205Live GM.

And he has a new name! Drake Maverick. Yes. That is his name.

And he made a stellar announcement about the Cruiserweight Title.

205Live is on life support at the moment. However, recent rumors indicate that the WWE might be looking to remedy the problem with Rockstar Spud as the 205Live general manager. Here is the story.

Set to Join the WWE

Various media channels have reported on the fact that the British Bootcamp winner is ready to join the WWE. One of these channels is The Mirror, who claims Rockstar Spud will be joining the team of 205Live.

According to other sources, Spud has joined the WWE already and signed his contract in October 2017. However, since the wrestler is British, he had to wait for the government to clear his Visa.

The arrival of a fresh face like his in the WWE is not yet clear. Even though he has been released from Impact Wrestling, the wrestler still waits on his US Visa, at least according to The Mirror. So, if the news agency is to be believed, the arrival of the former Division X champion is imminent.

Joining EC3

A recent tweet from Rockstar Spud makes many people believe he is not the only one who will be joining the WWE brand. Many fans believe EC3 is also making his way to the WWE, especially for the Royal Rumble. If EC3 is indeed joining his buddy, we are bound to find out soon.

Wrestler or General Manager

On Smackdown, Daniel Bryan announced that 205 Live would get a new General Manager to help solve the issues following Enzo Amore’s departure and vacating of the Cruiserweight title. Many people are wondering if Rockstar Spud will be joining the 205Live brand as a wrestler or a general manager. One thing I am sure of, however, Rockstar Spud is an excellent choice to revive the almost dead 205Live brand. His flamboyant personality and ability to switch between face and heel in a heartbeat make him an exciting wrestler to watch. Whether he will wrestle or take on manager duties, 205Live will become a must-watch with Rockstar Spud on the brand.

Not Familiar with Rockstar Spud?

Not familiar with Rockstar Spud? If you have not watched Impact Wrestling for a while, you might have missed him. So, let us give you some of the highlights to keep you up-to-date.

Rockstar Spud, real name James Michael Curtin, is a British professional wrestler. He is mainly known for his stint in Impact Wrestling, as well as his flamboyant clothing and character.

One of the things that stands out considerably for him as well is his height. While most wrestlers easily hit the 6 ft mark, Spud only measures 5 ft 4; similar to another short wrestling star – Rey Mysterio – who has a billed height of 5 ft 6.


I am certainly looking forward to the arrival of Rockstar Spud. 205Live is desperate for credibility and someone to blow some new life in the division. I think Spud can do it.

What do you think about Rockstar Spud joining the WWE? Let us know in the comment section below.

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