WWE Suspends Rich Swann After Being Charged By Police

My colleague broke the news on Sunday the 10th of December, involving the arrest of 205 Live star Rich Swann. Rumored charges were believed to be kidnapping and false imprisonment. Now, it would seem there is some truth to the charges since the WWE has suspended Rich Swann following the news. Here is the full story, including some additional details on Rich Swann’s arrest.

Official Statement from the WWE

As expected in these serious matters, WWE representatives have released a statement regarding the arrest of Swann, as well as the repercussions for him within the company. This is the statement that was placed on the WWE’s social media account.

What Happened?

The details regarding the incident are not 100% clear yet, but TMZ did release some information. According to TMZ, Rich Swann and his wife were driving home, when an argument between the pair escalated.

During the argument, Swann allegedly put Su Yung (Vanessa Riggs) in a headlock and tried to force her back into the car. Since he did not put the car in park, the car rolled back into a telephone pole.

Recent police reports seem to indicate that Swann denies all allegations. Nevertheless, the WWE has suspended him until the outcome of the investigation is known.

Gainesville Police Gives Detailed Overview of the Charges

Since this story got quite a bit of media attention, Gainesville Police was forced to release the details of Rich Swann’s arrest. Even though it is public record, the Gainesville Police put a statement on their website, which included the arrest record of the WWE wrestler.

My Take

If the accusations made against Swann are true, then I believe there should be some serious repercussions for the wrestler. The WWE has no sympathy for domestic violence, and neither do I.

What is your take on this situation? Let us know in the comment section below!