Wrestlers Who Didn’t Achieve Great Success In 2017

I believe each of the wrestlers I’m about to mention has the talent to be great. Unfortunately, WWE bookings and storylines aren’t always that great, causing some wrestlers to almost become forgotten and others to be pushed even though they don’t deserve it (Brock Lesnar *cough cough*). Here are some of the wrestlers that suffered this fate in 2017.

Dana Brooke

This is a real shame because you won’t find a harder worker than Dana Brooke backstage. Unfortunately, WWE called her up before she was ready, even though I personally believed she was top-roster material at the time.

In 2017, Dana Brooke is considered as a jobber. She has no real persona, and it does not seem like she will get any major storylines anytime soon, especially since she is getting lost between the likes of Paige, Alexa Bliss, Sasha Banks, and Asuka. Maybe it is time to move Dana to SmackDown and give her the ability to grow? Honestly, this girl could be great, but she needs a chance to do it.

Big Cass

We cannot compare Big Cass to most of the people on this list because he was on his way to make a significant character for himself. Unfortunately, injury saw Big Cass off WWE television for a considerable amount of time. Hopefully, 2018 will be better for the 7-foot tall athlete.


I adore Lana, and she has worked hard to be able to perform in the WWE ring. Despite the work she put in, the WWE messed it up royally. They failed to provide her with an exciting storyline and made her come out as a joke. Then, they give her a manager role again, this time managing Tamina. I got to say WWE creative; I’m disappointed in you, not in Lana.

Bray Wyatt

Where do I start with Bray Wyatt? Well, if I want to keep it short and powerful, the only thing I have to do is mention the rivalry between him and Randy Orton, the most atrocious piece of WWE television of the year. The problem with Bray is that he delivers great promos, but fails to perform in the ring.

Mike Kanellis

Mike Kanellis impact

When it comes to Mike Kanellis, it seemed like the WWE did not even care about pushing this former Impact Wrestling star. Instead, they made him a jobber almost from the word go, giving him little standing on the overall roster. Once again, the result of poor booking, less than exciting storylines, and neglected talent.

Tye Dillinger

Poor Tye Dillinger. Not only did he have to wait an astronomical ten years to get to the main roster, but he also had to deal with the WWE dropping the ball shortly afterward. When he came out at number 10 at the Royal Rumble, we were all ecstatic. However, he did not become a genuine member of the Smackdown roster until April, followed by a lack of proper storytelling. Hopefully, the WWE will see what a talent they have with Tye next year.

Which WWE Superstar did you want to do well, but the WWE failed to deliver? Let us know in the comment section below.