Ringside’s Favorite Color Commentators

Michael Cole

Wrestlers are not the only ones who could be the star of the show, because commentators make everything that much more exciting. Of course, some commentators are better than others in our eyes. So, without further ado, here are the favorite commentators of the Ringside team!

Michael Cole

Even during his heel stint as a commentator, Michael Cole has been one of my favorites for years. While it may seem like he’s a true company man at times (insert promotion for the WWE network here!), nobody does commentary as smooth as Cole.

Corey Graves

Corey was supposed to be a wrestler, but circumstances turned him into a commentator instead. Fortunately for us though, because Corey turns out to be one of the favorite commentators of many fans. He says what fans are thinking, something that was previously lacking in the WWE. Still, I do feel sorry for poor Byron.

Gorilla Monsoon & Bobby the Brain Heenan

Even though this was well before my time, once I started getting into wrestling more, I decided to watch some of the old-school stuff. One of the things that still remains with me after watching it all is the pairing of Gorilla Monsoon and Bobby the Brain Heenan, a commentator duo I bet we will never experience again. There was something really special about them, so if you have not seen them before, I urge you to check out some of their best segments!

Jerry the King Lawler

King was extremely entertaining as a wrestler, but even more so as a commentator. When he was paired with Jim Ross, I found his commentary absolutely hilarious. Every time he said “puppies” or “here kitty” when a female wrestler came out! Priceless! Unfortunately, he had to keep a lid on that with the arrival of the PG era.

Jim Ross

Many wrestling fans will tell you that Jim Ross is the best WWE commentator ever to work for the WWE. I have to agree, since Jim Ross is on the top of my list too. Still, when it comes to laughs, just put Jim Ross and Lawler on the same commentary table.

Who is your favorite WWE commentator? Let us know in the comment section below!