Randy Orton’s Sons Give Daughter The Shield Treatment!

When your father (or stepfather in this case) is a genuine WWE superstar Randy Orton, it is certainly no surprise you pick up a thing or two. However, it would seem like Randy’s sons did not pick up his RKO, but rather the Shield powerbomb. Here’s the story!

The Shield Powerbomb

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A home video made by Randy and his wife Kim, shows his three sons giving a Shield Powerbomb to his daughter. The video shows the boys executing the Powerbomb with great accuracy, so maybe there is a future for Randy’s boys in the WWE?

According to various sources, the Shield is a personal favorite of Randy Orton’s sons. Of course, we have to admit they have impeccable taste! Still, this is almost expected from the sons of a famous WWE superstar.

What I Think of the Video

I have to admit, the woman in me did not know what to think of this at first. But, once you see how careful the oldest picks up his baby sister, it is the cutest things ever!

After getting married to Kim Marie Kessler in 2015, Randy Orton seems like a changed man. Of course, it is hard not to be changed by all that, especially the high cuteness factor in the house. One thing I will say about the video, you have a nice family there Randy!

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