Paige Admits She Suffered From Anorexia After Sex Tape Leak

Seeing Paige’s pictures shortly after the sex tape leak made everyone speculate about a possible eating disorder. At the time, Paige denied the rumors ferociously, but now she admitted she did suffer from anorexia as a result of the sex tape leak. Here’s the story.

Stress-Induced Anorexia

Everyone knows that Paige was deeply affected by the sex tape leak. Now, she has admitted that she did suffer from stress-induced anorexia shortly after the incident.

When pictures of an incredibly skinny Paige leaked, she denied the rumors at the time. She blamed it on how the photographs were taken. But now it would seem she was in denial of her problem, or simply could not cope with being under public scrutiny again.

In Paige’s Words

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Paige has now spoken out about the difficult time she faced after the sex tape leak. She also stated she still feels affected by it all. This is one of the recent statements she made about the situation.

“That scarred me, just people invading my privacy, to the point where sometimes I don’t want to go out. People are just looking at me bad.”

“I was out yesterday with my friend. We were just sitting there having a Bloody Mary. This guy comes up to my friend and says ‘that’s the porn star’.”

“I cried in the toilet. I find it really hard to be close to anybody. And that’s the reason why.”

Being Admitted to Hospital

COLOGNE, GERMANY – FEBRUARY 11: Paige during WWE Road to WrestleMania at the Lanxess Arena on February 11, 2016 in Cologne, Germany. (Photo by Marc Pfitzenreuter/Getty Images)

In addition to admitting her problems with stress-induced anorexia, Paige also revealed she was admitted to a hospital in England after collapsing from exhaustion.

“I was on the floor, I was so low. I got so skinny I ended up collapsing with exhaustion in hospital in England. They told me at the time it was like stress-induced anorexia.”

“I wasn’t eating, I wasn’t sleeping, I lost all my hair. I have clippings right now but I literally have no hair because my hair fell out, because I was so stressed.”

“It just broke my heart. I was like ‘why would someone want to do that to someone?'”

My Take on This Story

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I admire Paige for talking about this difficult time in her life. As a woman, I can understand how she felt and still feels about this situation. Unfortunately, some people are just plain bad and have no regard for others. I hope Paige now surrounds herself with people who support and love her, not people who take advantage of her kind nature. The only advice I can give her is that it does get better eventually. Everyone goes through extremely difficult moments, but there is always something better on the horizon.

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