Luke Harper Leaves WWE Tour To Welcome 2nd Child!

Even though Luke Harper didn’t plan for the arrival of his second child until early next year, sometimes things do not go as planned. Here’s the story!

Early Arrival

Luke Harper’s wife was due early January 2018, but due to medical reasons, she went into labor a month and a half early. Naturally, this caused Harper to leave the WWE tour early. Harper made it just in time though, because his wife gave birth to his second child only five minutes after his arrival. Talk about a close call!

What Does This Mean for the Bludgeon Brothers?

I would assume that Harper will take some time off from his WWE work to be with his wife, especially since the baby arrived a month and a half early. This could also mean that any storylines involving the Bludgeon Brothers will be postponed until his return.

The early leave of Harper could have some repercussions for the tag team since the team was only formed recently. The WWE Universe has not had the time to get used to the team of Rowan and Harper.

Of course, these are just minor details that WWE management could handle, but only if they put the right work into it. I hope Harper gets enough time with his family first, so that he can return to the division with more peace of mind.

In my opinion, Rowan should not be involved in any storylines until his tag team partner returns. Breaking up the tag team now could leave a poor impression with the WWE Universe, so I would give Rowan some paid time off too, at least until Harper is ready to make his return.

Congratulations from the Ringside Intel Team!

Let’s just put all the wrestling aside (for just a moment!) and congratulate Luke Harper and his wife with the arrival of their new baby. Congratulations from the Ringside Intel team!

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