Enzo Amore In Hot Water With The DMV Over Signature

It seems like Enzo Amore has difficulty staying out of trouble, much like a mischievous little child. Now, Enzo is encountering problems with the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). The problem? Something you would never expect! Here is the story!

The Signature Incident

Enzo Amore’s current problems seem to stem from something that is trivial to most people, more specifically the signature on his driving license. Apparently, his signature looks like well, just take a look and a guess. Enzo is refusing to change it. Honestly? Sigh.

Enzo’s Response

While most people would just change their signature and get it over and done with – because let’s face it, his signature does look “sexually suggestive” – Enzo is refusing to change his signature and ignoring all the requests from the DMV. Here is what Enzo had to say about the situation in real Enzo style:

“I got issues with the state of Delaware. My phone has been ringing off the d**n hook, and I’ve been hitting the F-U button on the side of the it, sending them things straight to voicemail, because I know who it is. It’s the State of Delaware, and I know what they want. They want me to get a new signature on my license, because my current signature is unacceptable. Gotta get a new picture, the whole nine.”

Enzo continues being defiant, believing that he will win his case against the DMV. According to his statements, he is willing to take the matter to court.

“So I’m walking in there with a great hairstyle, and a great attitude, because I represent myself in court, in life, and in the DMV. And I always win, because I’m the realest champ in the room. And there ain’t no way the state of Delaware is gonna tell me how to sign my own license!”

My Opinion

enzo amore backstage heat

I probably would have been great friends with Enzo when I was younger, but unfortunately, I grew up into a responsible adult. Now, these types of things annoy me to no end, even if I like the person behind these stupid issues. Enzo, I like you, but honestly, this is ridiculous!

What is your opinion on the DMV situation Enzo finds himself in? Place your unsalted opinion in the comment section below.