Changes The WWE Must Make To Regain Their Fan Base

The WWE has been suffering from dwindling attendance and a loss of subscribers on the WWE network. The solutions are clear though, but the WWE seems to be unwilling to change their ways at this point. However, here are the top things fans suggest to recapture their interest in what the WWE offers.

Don’t Target Specific Markets, Let Your Product Speak for Itself

One of the biggest problems in the WWE at this point is their focus on specific countries. Just think about the Jinder Mahal debacle, closely followed by the UK Championship.

By focusing on different markets outside of the US, the WWE is failing their existing fan base. More even, targeting specific countries is not working, so why sacrifice your working brand for something that isn’t?

Listen to the WWE Universe!

five Worst Chants

Probably one of the most valuable lessons to learn for the WWE. They have come out with some great ideas; for example, the Fashion Police and Demon Balor, and countless other brilliant gems the WWE seems to neglect. Instead, we keep on getting stuff shoved down our throats we don’t want to see (Brock Lesnar huffing and puffing his way through another painful match, or Jinder Mahal retaining the title despite being a jobber… ugh). You have the successful formulas there, but you aren’t using them! Plain and simple!

Bring Back Pyro

Those damn budget cuts! Pyro is one of the things that makes a WWE show, but we haven’t seen pyro in a long time. Instead of pumping money in shows that aren’t working, cut your losses and bring back pyro.

Cut 205 Live

205 live

Trying to get 205 Live to hit off has been a painful process to watch. However, I am interested in the wrestlers who are on this brand, I just don’t have the time to watch Raw, Smackdown, 205 Live, NXT, and all the other little projects the WWE has going. Just keep it to Raw and Smackdown, and give those 205 Live wrestlers the exposure they deserve.

Actions Should Have Repercussions

When you compare the storylines in the WWE with those of Lucha Underground, you soon realize that story in the WWE means nothing. Actions don’t seem to have any consequences! One moment, two wrestlers are at each other’s throats, only to have on the match at a pay-per-view and then move on to their next story. In Lucha Underground, you have mask versus career matches, which means something!

Of course, I’m not saying that you should have something as drastic as career-ending matches, but you must get the fans invested in your rivalries again. Instead, we are stuck with Wyatt versus Balor and Wyatt versus Orton rivalries that don’t mean anything, since it just starts all over again after their last pay-per-view match. Can you see the madness?

Clean Up Your Creative Writing Staff!

All I can say is look at the staff you have, keep the ones who had the most successful ideas over the course of a year. I’m not talking about the ideas Vince likes, but the ideas that got a response from the WWE Universe. Honestly, if I’m getting another year of Brock Lesnar with the title while suplexing people, my Network subscription is going out the window. Wrestling reporter or not, I’ll start with the indies instead! At least there is some creativity going on there.

What is your opinion on the dwindling ratings of the WWE? Give your unsalted opinion below, I look forward to reading it!