The Worst Pushes In WWE History! Hopefully You Won’t Remember These!

After the title reign of Jinder Mahal, it is clear that the WWE can push some of the wrong wrestlers. Even though I have no problems with Jinder Mahal, the push felt forced after he spent most of his time as a jobber. Needless to say, the push failed quite badly with the American and European crowd.

There have been other pushes in WWE history that weren’t that great. Today, we have a look at some of the worst ones, of which we hope you do not remember!

Lex Luger

I want to apologize to any Lex Luger fan reading this, but he received one of the worst pushes in history in my book. Even though he did well in WCW, it did not go that well for him in the WWF.

Luger made his WWF debut in early 1993, the WWF decided to re-brand Luger as a narcissistic heel, only to turn him into the all-American hero a short time later. However, Luger could not get over with the WWF crowd, who were more excited about the athleticism of Shawn Michaels. Still, Luger would become a legend later on by appearing on WCW Nitro.

Mr. Kennedy

Mr. Kennedy, also known as Ken Anderson, was never supposed to be much in the WWE. However, when Jim Cornette was fired from the WWE and with Paul Heyman taking over, Ken Anderson finally got his opportunity.

Kennedy made his debut on the main roster in 2005 and would fight some amazing matches and put on some of the best promos the promotion had seen in a long time.

So, why is Mr. Kennedy on this list you might ask? Unfortunately, Mr. Kennedy was plagued by injuries, putting him on the sidelines for months at a time. Then, he was released from his contract in 2009. It is rumored that his release came after dropping Randy Orton on his head and shoulders during his comeback match. Unfortunately, his is a story of could have been.

Jack Swagger

Ah, the tragic story of Jack Swagger. The ultimate accumulation of poor management, booking, and character creation. These are just some of the things that stood in the way of Jack Swagger and his many pushes.

The problem with Swagger is that he received an unexpected push in 2010. Even though WWE fans did expect Swagger to receive a push, everyone was surprised it happened so soon after he cashed in on the WWE World Heavyweight Champion at the time, Chris Jericho.

Unfortunately, despite their best efforts, the WWE could never get Jack Swagger quite to the top. Instead, Swagger was released from his contract in 2017 and is now expected to make his career in the MMA.

Which pushes do you consider the worst in WWE history? Let us know in the comment section below! We look forward to discovering yours!