The Top 5 Entrances Of All Time!

One thing that still excites me about wrestling is a good entrance. As many wrestlers will tell you, a good entrance can set you apart from other wrestlers! So, let us take a look at the top 5 entrances of all time. I’m curious if you’ll agree with me.

1. The Undertaker

Well, I don’t have to explain my choice really. The Undertaker is certainly a wrestler with the most iconic entrance. The sounding of the gong, the dimming of the lights, these simple things put fear in the hearts of his opponents.

Still, some entrances were more spectacular than others, especially those at WrestleMania. We cannot forget about the times that Paul Bearer accompanied him to the ring either since this was truly timeless wrestling television!

2. Chris Jericho

Even though Chris Jericho is one of my favorite wrestlers, it still did not influence my choice of him being on this list (otherwise I would include AJ Styles too). No, Chris Jericho is on this list because of his creative entrance. The man always knows how to put on a show and get everyone excited!

3. Triple H

Whether you love him or hate him, Triple H still has one of the best entrances in wrestling history. Of course, you do have to make a distinction between the old entrance and the new one. Still, no matter which one he comes out on, the crowd is never disappointed.

4. Shinsuke Nakamura

Yes, Shinsuke has not been on the main roster for that long, but you cannot deny he has one of the best entrances. Considering most of the music wrestlers use for their entrance, Shinsuke’s stands out considerably. Of course, his quirkiness certainly adds to it as well!

5. Stone Cold Steve Austin

If you look at Steve Austin’s entrance, it is truly not that special. The reason why this entrance is on the list is Steve Austin charismatic wrestling character, who would make the sound of breaking glass popular! Of course, having a Steveweiser during an entrance does not hurt either.

What is your top 5 of best entrances? Post them in the comment section below!