Finn Balor Wants Big Pay-Per-View For British Fans

Since Summerslam 1992, there has been no major pay-per-view in the UK. According to the WWE, the difference in transmission times is the main reason why the company is refusing to put on a UK-based pay-per-view.

One of the WWE Superstars who is lobbying for a UK-based pay-per-view is everyone’s favorite demon Finn Balor. Here’s the story!

Anchored Prejudice?

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The WWE seems to be anchored in the US when it comes to their pay-per-views. Even though other major sports organization such as the NFL have booked great success with their UK-based matches, the WWE seems reluctant to provide a pay-per-view based in the UK.

Finn Balor does not believe this anchoring phenomenon is a good idea. He states:

“I love the idea of doing international pay-per-views and I don’t see why we should be anchored, so to speak, to the United States.”

Logistics and Time Zones

While Finn Balor fully supports the idea of a UK pay-per-view, he does admit that there are problems where logistics and time zones are concerned. According to Finn:

“Obviously there are issues of time zones and logistics but that’s for someone else to figure out.”

“The fans here deserve a pay-per-view in the United Kingdom. They haven’t had one since 1992 and that one went down as one of the greatest pay-per-views in WWE history.”

Giving the Fans What They Want

As a UK resident, I can tell you that we have been wanting a UK pay-per-view since the last one in 1992. The WWE would have no problems selling seats, yet they believe it is not financially plausible.

Here is what Finn thinks:

“Why it hasn’t been done since then is beyond me. People above me will make excuses about how it’s not financially beneficial to the company but I think there are more important things beyond the bottom line and that’s giving the fans what they want at any cost.

“We’ve been touring here since 1991 and the fans deserve a pay-per-view. The talent want it too. So it’s time they figured it out and brought a big pay-per-view here.”

What I Think About a UK Pay-Per-View

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I would love a UK pay-per-view, especially when you consider the limited times the UK actually can see their favorite superstars. Just think about how successful Summerslam was is 1992! Not only is it considered as one of the best pay-per-views, they had over 80,000 people in attendance! That number would only be beaten at WrestleMania 32! So why would you refuse to do a pay-per-view after this success?

What is your opinion on the UK pay-per-view? Let us know in the comment section below!