Cage Speaks Out About Rumored Resigning With The WWE

Several wrestlers have sparked the interest of the WWE, and Cage (also known as Brian Cage) is certainly one of those wrestlers. Currently signed with Lucha Underground, but also doing some work for indie promotions between Lucha Underground seasons, Cage has caught the attention of WWE officials.

Does Brian Cage Have Interest in Joining the WWE?

Like many of the bigger independent wrestlers, it seems that Cage has little interest in joining the WWE just yet. You can’t blame him though because the company is known to put excellent talent into poor bookings and even worse storylines. Even though the likes of AJ Styles survived, it is certainly no guarantee that other wrestlers will have the same experience.

When Cage was asked about signing with the WWE again, this is what he had to say:

“I’m not opposed ever going back there, which it would have to be the right time, the right situation, all that. If I don’t ever go back, I’m more than happy.”

“It wasn’t until now that it feels like what I thought it would feel like as a kid to be a pro wrestler. I am the most happy and content in my career that I’ve ever been.”

Will Cage Return for Lucha Underground Season 4?

Brian Cage fans do not have to worry though because the wrestler is expected to participate in season 4 of Lucha Underground. Cage played one of the bigger parts in the previous season of the show, so it is expected he will play a big part again this season.

What is more uncertain is the return of Cage’s other half, Melissa Santos, which is now expecting her and Cage’s first child. Congratulations you two!

Even though Cage nor Lucha Underground have not made any official statements regarding his return, Cage sounds extremely enthusiastic about the upcoming season of Lucha Underground.

“I don’t know how much things will change, but I hope everything works out according to plan and I can continue to do an excellent program with Mil Muertes, Sami Callihan and King Cuerno over the gauntlet. Hopefully get my opportunity at the title again and come home with it.”

If the WWE Has Interest in Brian Cage, Why Was He Released in the First Place?

It is not uncommon for the WWE to sign talent early, and then change their mind somewhere along the way. Later, this talent usually returns to the WWE for a career of epic proportions. So, it does not surprise me that Cage was signed with the company, but was let go. Big mistake in my opinion, but I’m not part of the WWE management.

Why I Believe Cage Should Join the WWE

I have to be honest, there is one wrestler Cage could replace in a heartbeat: Brock Lesnar. Many marks (die-hard wrestling fans opposed to casual watchers) are sick and tired of the champion and would like to see someone more passionate take his place.

Cage is quite reminiscent of Brock Lesnar in his early days, so why not sign him and get a believable WWE Champion for a change? Not a guy who gets winded during a big pay-per-view match. God forbid if Lesnar has to do a match that takes longer than 5 minutes! Unfortunately, it is claimed Cage is quite the Brock Lesnar fan. Why? Ugh. All that money paid for doing less than other talents might be affecting Brock’s fitness levels! But I digress, I am bitter about the Lesnar thing and us fans being treated as suckers, but I would also hate to see a talent like Cage not appearing on a bigger platform. I must admit, I am more excited about the prospect of Cage vs. AJ Styles than Brock Lesnar vs. AJ Styles.

Of course, there is always the risk the WWE ruins the character creatively. Still, I think Cage has the ideas and the experience to survive the McMahon transformation.

Do you think Cage could be an option to replace Lesnar? Have you heard of Cage? Let us know in the comment section below.

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