Austin Aries Lashes Out – Fans Worry About Former WWE Star’s Mental State.

Austin Aries WWE

Wrestlers are known to seek other opportunities if not treated right with their promotion; this is what happened to Austin Aries, who left the WWE in 2017. Austin Aries does seem to be a little bitter regarding his departure and his run in the WWE, at least if you listen to his promo and put all the puzzle pieces into place. Here is the story.

A Promo with a Dark Tinge

Even though most wrestlers blamed their release squarely in the camp of their former employer, Austin Aries does seem to take some responsibility for his release. Though he was doing rather well at the time and had a match at WrestleMania, he did claim he was miserable.

Worries for Austin Aries

Comparing Austin Aries at the time he left the WWE and now, many fans are worried about Aries’ mental state. His dark promo, which did include some negative comments for his former employer, also included a lot of things that would indicate the wrestler was (is) struggling with depression.

What I Think About the Promo and Austin Aries

I was honestly sad when Austin Aries left the WWE and must admit that recent footage of the star worry me. Living with someone who suffers from chronic depression, and being diagnosed with an anxiety disorder myself, I understand the impact stress and pressure can have on a person. Of course, I could be making a mountain out of a molehill at this point.

Even though I have no evidence that Austin Aries might be struggling mentally, I hope everything goes well for him and that he does get help if he needs it. I can’t judge at this point; he could just have an off day or even unwell during the promo. I hope he does find what he needs in the indie scene.

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