The Worst Wrestling Factions Of All Time!

There have been some bad factions in wrestling over the years. While they may have been created with the best of intentions, here are some of the factions that didn’t work at all!

League of Nations

One faction I never warmed up to was the League of Nations. Don’t get me wrong, it had three wrestlers in it that I absolutely adored, more specifically Rusev, Sheamus, and Bad News Barrett, but the faction never worked for me.

League of Nations included some of the biggest international superstars at that time; this included Bad News Barrett, Rusev, Sheamus, and Alberto Del Rio (El Patron). However, the League of Nations would never dominate. Instead, they were used regularly to push Roman Reigns.

The Spirit Squad


If I would have to choose one faction that made me cringe every time they would come out, it would undoubtedly be the Spirit Squad. They were so bad, I always rolled my eyes and grabbed my snacks whenever their theme music hit.

Only one of the wrestlers from the Spirit Squad would remain in the WWE and build a good career, more specifically Dolph Ziggler. The remainder of the team got lost to obscurity.

The Cosmic Wasteland

I have to admit, I almost forgot about this faction when I did my research, but it certainly belongs on the list of factions who failed miserably. The sad thing? I was actually intrigued by this faction!

In my honest opinion, I believe the Cosmic Wasteland could have worked. The team got hurt badly because of the jobber status of the Ascension and Stardust. However, they could have been something great with the right exposure and bookings.

The Oddities


Even though many of us remember this faction, it was certainly one of the most mismatched factions in wrestling history. Nonetheless, the faction could have been great, but suffered from problems similar to those of the Cosmic Wasteland, bad booking and a lot of losses.

The Oddities did contain some high caliber wrestlers though, including Giant Silva, Golga, the Jackyl, Kurrgan, Princess Luna, the Insane Clown Posse, and George “the Animal” Steele.

The Magnificent Seven

Dating back to WCW, the Magnificent Seven should have been an awesome team. With names such as Flair, Jeff Jarrett, Lex Luger, Buff Bagwell, Road Warrior Animal, Rick, and Scott Steiner, it could have been great! However, each of these wrestlers was quite successful in their own right; this led to the faction not making any sense whatsoever.

Other Factions That Did Not Meet Expectations!

There are a lot of other factions that should be mentioned here, but the ones mentioned above are the ones that stood out the most for us.

Still, we cannot forget about some other factions that stood out for all the wrong reasons; this includes X-Factor, the J.O.B. Squad, the Disciples of the Apocalypse, Los Boricuas, and Serotonin.

Which faction do you believe is the worst of all time? Let us know in the comment section below!

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