Matt Jackson Rips WWE In Ring Of Honor Promo

There’s been yet another development in the war between WWE and the Young Bucks/Bullet Club.

Earlier this week, news emerged that former WWE producer Jimmy Jacobs had been fired for posting a selfie with Bullet Club when they “invaded” Raw in Southern California last month. And at the Ring of Honor Global Wars event in Buffalo on Thursday, Matt Jackson cut a lengthy promo lambasting WWE, the cease and desist order, and more.

Pro Wrestling Sheet summarized the promo:

“I want to say how much I love this company Ring of Honor and I’m not just saying that. I love this place for a certain reason. I can do, I can say whatever the hell I want and I’m not going to get a damn cease and desist letter.”

He continued, “I love this company so much, I have the benefit and the freedom to take a selfie with whoever I damn well please.”

His brother Nick Jackson also chimed in at one point and said the fans allow them to see their families on Christmas, which caused the crowd to begin chanting “f*ck Vince.”

As for the cease and desist, Matt Jackson stated: “You think that because you own a billion dollar company that you can take some silly hand gesture away from me? You’re not taking it away from me. You’re taking it from every one of [the fans].”

Watch below:

As I’ve written before, I don’t like all this – but I can see both sides. While I think firing Jacobs over a selfie was a knee-jerk decision on WWE’s part, I also think it was extremely foolish of Jacobs to post the photo to social media. Yes, the wrestlers in Bullet Club may be his friends, but WWE was his employer at the time – and Bullet Club outright mocked WWE in their invasion video. Consider this: If you were a CEO and you found out that one of your employees was giving public exposure to people who were trying to make your company look bad, how would you react? Not favorably, that’s for sure.

And just to touch on the Christmas thing, since Nick Jackson decided to bring it up: it was the USA network that ordered a live show on Christmas, not WWE. Unfortunately, Christmas just so happens to fall on a Monday this year – and because WWE’s television contracts are the most lucrative part of their business, Vince’s hands are pretty much tied. Again: what would you do?

So yes, while I can definitely see both sides, if I had to choose a side in this war I’d choose WWE. The Young Bucks/Bullet Club poked the bear, and now they’re reaping the consequences.

To say the least, we won’t be seeing the Young Bucks inside a WWE ring anytime soon. At this point, I just hope Vince doesn’t consider Kenny Omega guilty by association.

What do you think of this whole debacle? Whose side are you on? Can you see both sides? Share your thoughts and comments below!