RAW Christmas Show Upsetting Wrestler’s Wives

Reby Hardy and Matt Hardy

Christmas is a time to spend with family, but that may not be the case for many in the WWE. Unfortunately for several wrestlers and their families, the brand is planning a RAW Christmas show, which requires several wrestlers to work on Christmas Day. Naturally, the wives of those wrestlers are not happy!

Reby and Beth Voice Their Displeasure

Two wrestlers who are quite in demand at the moment are Jeff and Matt Hardy. Unsurprisingly, they were asked to attend the Christmas show and perform for the WWE audience.

The wives of Matt and Jeff Hardy have responded to the company’s request for the Hardy Boyz to perform on Christmas Day. Naturally, the Tweets were not that nice, which is understandable given the situation.


A Network Decision

According to Beth Hardy’s Tweet, it would seem that the RAW Christmas show was not the idea of the WWE, but of the network that airs it. While it is true that many wrestlers have to make sacrifices for their craft, one has to wonder if having to work on Christmas Day is taking it a little too far.

Naturally, the Hardyz are not the only wrestlers who are requested to work on Christmas Day, but the Hardyz are known to be a bit more vocal about their displeasure, especially Matt Hardy.

The Future of the Hardyz in the WWE

Despite having to work on Christmas Day, it does seem like the Hardyz will have some big stories and fights in the WWE. It is rumored that Vince McMahon has some big plans for Jeff Hardy specifically and plans to make him a singles champion sometime soon.

Jeff Hardy is currently chasing the Intercontinental Championship, and has been seen on WWE television during his rivalry with the Miz. While it is expected that Jeff Hardy will take the title from The Miz eventually, I do look forward to a lengthy rivalry between the two.

The plans for Matt Hardy are less clear, but there have been some large indications that Matt Hardy will get his “Broken” persona back. Where that leads him though, is currently unclear.

Even though there is a massive field to play with in the tag team division on RAW, it seems like the WWE is more focused on singles competition for the brothers.

My Opinion

The Hardyz are veterans, so there is no doubt that there are hundreds of things the WWE could do with the Hardyz. Of course, the WWE is currently known for its bad bookings, so they could still mess up the great thing they have going on. However, if creative plays their cards right, RAW could become great again!

What do you think about the WWE or the network making their wrestlers work on Christmas Day? What do you think about the future of the Hardyz in the WWE and the current position? Let us know in the comment section below! We look forward to reading your opinions.