Discover the Things Lucha Underground Does Better Than the WWE!

There are several wrestling promotions out there and each of them have their own unique angle. One of the most interesting indies is undoubtedly Lucha Underground, at least in my humble opinion. There are even some things Lucha Underground does much better than the WWE, and here they are!

Continuing Storylines with Consistency

The WWE has a problem with failed storylines, mainly because they tend to break successful combinations off early. This does not happen in Lucha Underground because this promotion is king at telling a story.

Still, one thing is apparently clear in the WWE. Despite certain severe storylines, a loss certainly has no consequences in the WWE. Just look at former jobber Jinder Mahal, who is now Champion. No wonder the fans have no interest in stories the WWE is telling, because there are simply no consequences.

Naturally, this is quite different in Lucha Underground. When King Cuerno lost a Death Match to Muertes, the wrestler was gone for an entire season. More recently, Prince Puma suffered a loss during a career match, costing him his career in the promotion! Therefore, the loss truly mattered. Not like the WWE, where a new rivalry starts right away, making it seem like the loss did not happen at all.

Announcers Play an Active Role

WWE announcers have almost become obsolete, were it not for Corey Graves and Mauro Ranallo to provide us with some passionate and genuine commentating from time to time. Still, when you listen to the commentating in the WWE, it is a promotion for future events and the WWE Network. Where is the care for the actual wrestling matches?

Genuine Women Vs. Men Fights

There is one place where women are considered equal to male wrestlers because Lucha sets a wonderful example. While the WWE is scared to put women against men, Lucha Underground does it for real. I swear, some of the matches even made me cringe, so there’s certainly no trace of PG at Lucha!

Always Putting on a Show

The problem with the WWE is that they only put on a genuine show when it comes to a pay-per-view. A prime example is Shane McMahon jumping off the cage during the Hell in a Cell pay-per-view. The same does not apply to Lucha!

Since Lucha Underground is considered an indie, you can tell that each wrestler is dedicated to putting on a true spectacle every time. There is no room for people who are just in it for the money, only passionate wrestlers with loads of talent are good enough for this promotion!

There are big storyline developments, loads of daredevil moves, and even mask vs. career matches that have genuine repercussions. In short, Lucha Underground is doing what the WWE should be doing.


Lucha Underground has proven that there is a difference between corporate wrestling and indie wrestling. Unfortunately for the WWE, the corporate wrestling side does not come out as the winner.

What do you think when you compare Lucha Underground to the WWE? Could the corporate machine learn something from this successful indie promotion? Let us know in the comment section below.