Big Matches Planned For The Shield During UK Tour!

It seems like the WWE is supporting the Shield wholeheartedly since the company has some big matches planned for the team during the WWE’s UK Tour. Here are some of the opponents expected to face the Shield during the UK Tour!

Braun Strowman

One of the people that are rumored to face the Shield is Braun Strowman; this would certainly make sense considering the rivalry Braun had with every member of the Shield. Best thing of all? Braun Strowman does not need any tag team partners!

Cesaro and Sheamus

Cesaro and Sheamus are two wrestlers many fans could not envision to form a tag team. While Cesaro was a public favorite, Sheamus was booed across the board. However, put them together, and you get one of the most unusual yet successful tag teams of all time.

Fortunately for us wrestling fans, Cesaro and Sheamus are set to take on the Shield on multiple occasions during the next couple of months. I, for one, cannot wait for the Bar to meet the Shield again!

The Miz

Tye Dillinger

The Miz has certainly established himself as an A-lister, especially on the WWE roster. While some did not see Miz as a real competitor, he has become one of the most prominent heels in the WWE.

Considering the words that have been exchanged between the Shield and the Miz, the rivalry between them is far from over. Since the Miz is one of the best cheaters in the businesses, I’m sure we can expect some wonderful matches over the next couple of months!

Rumors of a Shield Break-Up?


Despite fans enjoying the Shield thoroughly, there are some rumors going around about a possible Shield break-up; this could make sense considering Roman Reigns is expected to face Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania. Unfortunately, it could mean a premature end to the popular tag team.

The break-up of the Shield is rumored to happen through a heel turn by Ambrose. Then, Seth Rollins would face Dean Ambrose as a face during WrestleMania.

What do you think about the rumors surrounding the Shield? Let us know in the comment section below!