WWE Superstars Who Missed Opportunities Due to Backstage Heat!

Everyone knows that having backstage heat can be devastating for your career if you are a wrestler. Unfortunately, there are some wrestlers that do not consider this and are therefore faced with punishments and missed opportunities.

Baron Corbin

wwe backstage beefs

One of the main people that springs to mind where backstage heat is concerned is Baron Corbin. After rumors of backstage heat, Corbin lost his briefcase cash-in, making wrestling fans speculate even more about the WWE Superstar and why he is being punished with several missed opportunities.

Even though there has been no official statement from the WWE about Baron Corbin’s backstage behavior, many claim the wrestler is being punished at the moment. While there were some rumors regarding a potential injury at the time of the planned cash-in, Corbin has been plagued by some underwhelming bookings and storylines.

Enzo Amore

wwe backstage beefs

Another current WWE Superstar who is believed to be punished for backstage heat is Enzo Amore. A reported altercation between Roman Reigns and Enzo Amore saw Amore kicked off the tour bus. Shortly afterwards, Enzo was put on 205 Live.

The WWE claims that putting Enzo on 205 Live is a rating drawer, but many believe Enzo was punished for his backstage behavior. Whether punishment or rating drawer, many believe 205 Live to be a demotion for the former RAW wrestler.

The Miz

wwe backstage beefs

Everyone knows that The Miz had an incredibly tough time when he started out in the WWE. Given his roots in reality television, he was far from respected by his fellow wrestlers. The Miz was even banned from the locker room after dropping some chicken in Chris Benoit’s bags by accident, forcing him to get changed in public toilets and showers.

Mr. Kennedy

wwe backstage beefs

One wrestler with legendary backstage heat is Mr. Kennedy. While he originally received a massive push by WWE officials, his backstage behavior eventually saw him fired from the company.

Upon his release from the WWE, more problems wrestlers encountered with Mr. Kennedy came to light. Randy Orton and John Cena even spoke out about his unsafe wrestling style, while Kennedy claimed they were behind his release from the WWE.


wwe backstage beefs

Considering his backstage reputation, it was certainly no surprise when Ryback left the WWE. Not only was his behavior quite atrocious backstage, he also rubbed fans the wrong way by using CM Punk moves during wrestling matches.


wwe backstage beefs

Male wrestlers are not the only ones who are renowned for backstage heat, because former WWE female wrestler Melina had her fair share of problems backstage too.

Rumors indicate that Melina was a wrestler who was constantly fighting with her fellow female wrestlers. However, things came crashing down when she was pulled in wrestling court and yelled at by several wrestling veterans for her behavior.

Do you know any other wrestlers rumored to have (or had) backstage heat? Do you believe punishing wrestlers with missed opportunities and public humiliation is effective? Let us know your unsalted opinions below.

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