Will Melissa Escape Marty? Check Out the Epic Lucha Underground Rivalry!

There is much to be excited about this week. Not just the upcoming No Mercy pay-per-view of the WWE, but also a hot rivalry on Lucha Underground. Where the WWE has been failing, Lucha Underground has been thriving, more specifically with a great storyline! Here is what’s happening and why you cannot afford to miss it!

Marty the Moth Wants Melissa

Everyone’s favorite Lucha Underground announcer Melissa is having a big problem – Marty the Moth! Over the past couple of weeks, Marty has developed an unhealthy obsession with the beautiful announcer. Leading to some tension in and around the ring!

While Fenix has jumped to the defense of Melissa, Mariposa has been on Marty’s side. Now, we will see the rivalry play out in the ring tonight, as Melissa and Fenix take on the team of Mariposa and Marty the Moth!

Who Are the Players In This Story?

The Lucha Underground storyline involves four players: Melissa Santos, Marty the Moth, Mariposa, and Fenix. Here is a short introduction for each of them.

Marty the Moth

Marty the Moth is one of the biggest stars on the Lucha Underground roster. He is also one of the scariest because out of all the people on the roster, he is the only one that genuinely freaks me out. So, it will be interesting to see what he does tonight!


Mariposa, a fellow member of the Moth Tribe, will be in Marty’s corner tonight. One of the most imposing women on the Lucha Underground roster, Mariposa will undoubtedly play a big role in the events today. However, she does have ulterior motives, since Mariposa wants Marty all to herself.

Melissa Santos


The object of Marty’s desire, Melissa Santos is defending her honor tonight, hoping to settle things with Marty and Mariposa once and for all. Of course, Melissa is a ring announcer and not a wrestler, so things might not end up the way she envisions.



Fortunately, Melissa has Fenix in her corner. One of the most exciting luchadors to watch in the ring, can Fenix save Melissa from certain doom? Or will the team of Marty and Mariposa be too much for Fenix to handle?

Where Can I Watch This?

The epic conclusion to the rivalry takes place tonight on the El Rey Network. Tune in tonight at 8 p.m. ET to learn how it all ends. I certainly will!

Of course, there are more epic matches to look forward to tonight; this includes a seven-way “gift of the gods” title match, ultimate lucha and so much more! From amazing storylines to top-notch wrestling, Lucha Underground has all the wrestling promotions beat this week.

Will you be watching Lucha Underground to see how the rivalry ends? What do you think about the superior quality of the show, especially when compared to the weak storylines in the WWE at the moment? Let us know your thoughts by posting in the comment section below. I look forward to reading them!