Singh Brothers Pay Tribute To Eddie Guerrero

My favorite pair of heels on the SmackDown roster, the Singh Brothers, paid tribute to Eddie Guerrero recently. The pair decided to visit his grave before the taping of SmackDown Live in El Paso, Texas.

Visiting and Paying Tribute to Eddie Guerrero

Eddie Guerrero may have died before his time, but he is far from forgotten by the wrestling world. Eddie was also my favorite wrestler, so it is heartwarming to see two active wrestlers taking the time to pay tribute to the legend.

It would also seem that the Singh Brothers got some good advice from Eddie when he was still alive. As the Tweet from the Singh Brothers indicates, Eddie believed that size did not matter for a wrestler, but rather what was in a wrestler’s heart.

The Singh Brothers also took the time to stop for a photo at one of the local tributes to Eddie Guerrero. Even though the artwork is somewhat starting to fade, the Singh Brothers bringing some attention to it is certainly a good thing. I wonder if anyone could restore it a little and ensure the legend is not forgotten?

Who Was Eddie Guerrero and Why Is He Such an Inspiration for Current Day Wrestlers?

Unless you only got into wrestling recently, you will know Eddie Guerrero. Probably one of the most charismatic wrestlers to ever live, Eddie had a connection with the crowd rivaling Stone Cold Steve Austin’s.

Guerrero was best known for his “lie, cheat, steal” gimmick, which made us laugh inside and outside the ring. He also did many hilarious sketches with Chyna, which are now remembered fondly as Chyna also passed away before her time.

In real life, Eddie Guerrero was married to Vicky Guerrero, someone many of you might remember thanks to her unusual voice and “excuse me” gimmick.

As you may know, Eddie Guerrero died well before his time. On November 13, 2005, Eddie was found unconscious in his hotel room in Minneapolis by his nephew Chavo Guerrero. He was pronounced dead when the paramedics arrived.

After an autopsy, the coroner concluded Eddie died of heart failed due to undiagnosed atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease. His wife Vicky would later say Eddie had been feeling unwell in the days leading up to his death.

After his death, many wrestlers were visibly upset about his passing. Eddie Guerrero was not only an inspirational wrestler to fans, he was also a friend to many in the locker room. Until this day, many wrestlers are using Eddie’s moves as a tribute to him; this mainly his epic Frog Splash.

Do you remember Eddie Guerrero? What is your favorite memory of this WWE superstar? Let us know in the comment section below.

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