Chris Jericho Bans Sexy Star From Talk Is Jericho For Life!

Sexy Star has been getting a lot of backlash after dislocating Impact star Rosemary’s arm; this is not just limited to the wrestlers on Rosemary’s wrestling promotion Impact Wrestling, but other wrestlers from around the world have tuned in on the incident. The latest to show his discontent with Sexy Star is Chris Jericho.

Banned from Talk is Jericho for Life!

Since the incident, many superstars have spoken out about Rosemary’s arm being dislocated by Sexy Star. Chris Jericho spoke out too, more specifically on his podcast Talk is Jericho! This is what Jericho had to say to Sexy Star!

“If that’s true, Sexy Star, you’re a sexy piece of s–t and so is anybody that books you from now on. [In pro] wrestling you’re giving each other your body. There’s a lot of trust and to do something malicious like that, on purpose, I don’t care what the circumstances are – that’s just bad, bad news, man. I don’t know where her mind is at. I’ve never met her. At this point, I don’t think I want to. Sexy Star, you are now going to have a lifetime ban from Talk Is Jericho. Sexy Star is banned from Talk Is Jericho for life. There you go. That’s my little piece of the pie. That’s what I say about that.”

Other Superstars on the Sexy Star & Rosemary Incident

sexy star stripped AAA title

Chris Jericho is not the only one who spoke out about the incident. Here are some of the opinions of other major wrestling stars!

Gail Kim

gail kim

One of my favorite female wrestlers of all time – Gail Kim – spoke out about the incident on Twitter. Here is what she had to say.

Cody Rhodes

Since leaving the WWE, Cody Rhodes has been one of the biggest names in the indie wrestling world. He also had some choice words for the Mexican wrestler.


paige return

One female wrestler who has loads of experience in the ring is Paige. She also showed her support to Rosemary through a Tweet and stated there is no room in wrestling for bullies.

Mike Kanellis & Road Dogg

Mike Kanellis impact

Mike Kanellis released a Tweet on the situation first, showing his support for his former Impact Wrestling colleague Rosemary. Road Dogg would later respond with a statement that Sexy Star would never work near him.

What Does Sexy Star Say?

As covered by one of my colleagues earlier this month, Sexy Star has been denying she purposely hurt Rosemary. Still, many wrestling professionals claim otherwise. Since she is not taking any responsibility for her actions, I believe it unlikely that Sexy Star is going to work in a European or American wrestling promotion anytime soon.

To read the full statement made by Sexy Star, please refer to the Sexy Star article on our site!

What do you think about the response of current wrestling stars on the Sexy Star situation? Do you believe they are right to ban Sexy Star from shows and wrestling promotions? Be sure to post your unsalted opinions in the comment section below!