Winner Of WWE Universal Title Revealed? – BIG SPOILER ALERT

An unfortunate Tweet by the Barclays Center, who will be hosting RAW on Monday 8/21, could have revealed the winner of Summerslam’s main event. Unfortunately, the tweet seems to indicate that Brock Lesnar will retain!

The Tweet

The infamous tweet was released by the Barclays Center on the 16th of August, 2017. However, when I went back to check, the tweet mysteriously disappeared. That being said, several independent sources have confirmed the tweet from Barclay Center; this includes Fansided.

JUST ANNOUNCED: Universal Champion “The Beast” @BrockLesnar will be live on @WWE#RAW this Monday, 8/21!

— Barclays Center (@barclayscenter) August 16, 2017

Is Brock Lesnar Staying Champion Until Summerslam?

Brock Lesnar Vs Roman Reigns

Even though the Barclays Center tweet seems to indicate Lesnar will retain the title, it is certainly not officially confirmed. I also believe that Lesnar retaining the title will anger many fans because the WWE superstar has been a paper champion with an underwhelming reign.

There have been signs that Lesnar could be returning to the MMA sooner rather than later, but since the Barclays Center tweet, I believe the original plan of the WWE still stands, which would mean Lesnar retains the title until WrestleMania, where he loses it to Roman Reigns.

Who Truly Deserves The WWE Universal Championship?

Let’s be honest here, there are many other superstars that deserve the WWE Universal Championship a lot more than Lesnar. He refuses to prepare for matches, barely shows up, has no connection with the WWE Universe, and is infamously hard to work with. Not a champion in my eyes!

So, who does deserve the WWE Universal Championship? Here are my personal top picks!

1. Samoa Joe

The man who deserved the title on the main roster the most, at least in my humble opinion, is Samoa Joe. Despite having to work with Lesnar, who refused to prepare anything before their pay-per-view match, Samoa Joe shot excellent & interesting promos and put on an unforgettable match which made him a serious contender. This despite the unwillingness of Lesnar to do anything else but suplexes. Joe! Joe! Joe!

2. Braun Strowman

If Vince wants a huge monster to become champion, then he certainly needs to consider Braun Strowman. Strowman has been pushed heavily since leaving the Wyatt family, but still, has not had the title around his waist. I think it is time for him to at least get a title reign under his proverbial belt.

3. Finn Balor

wwe draft

The WWE is not doing much with Finn Balor, aside from a rather uninteresting storyline with Bray Wyatt. Being the first ever WWE Universal Champion, surely Finn Balor deserves to get a decent title reign. Like Nakamura, Balor has an incredible connection with the WWE Universe; this is something the WWE should capitalize on. If they don’t, they would be making one of the biggest mistakes since giving Brock Lesnar the title.

Who is more deserving of the WWE Universal Championship in your opinion? Do you prefer Lesnar as champion, or is someone else the future of the company? Let us know your opinion in the comment section below!