Will John Cena Beat Ric Flair’s Title-Reign Record?

… according to The Naitch, nope, John Cena won’t.

“The Nature Boy” Ric Flair recently conducted an interview with WSVN-TV Entertainment and according to the two-time WWE Hall of Famer, he thinks John Cena’s chances of surpassing their now-tied record for most WWE title reigns is slim to none.

His reasoning? Cena has a lot on the go and is winding down.

Makes sense. News broke recently that Cena’s landed a huge Transformers movie role and with the recent SmackDown LIVE number one contender’s loss to Shinsuke Nakamura, John Cena is still clearly a main eventer that attracts audiences, but is helping new main roster talent with a little rub here and there. And he once again is highlighted in the title race picture, but is not exactly in that spotlight anymore.

Here are my thoughts: John Cena graces WWE programs whenever his schedule allots. I respect that. At this point he doesn’t even really need to walk into that ring as much as he does. He’s set money wise and he’s had an iconic sports entertainment career. Yet, when the opportunity arises, Cena hits SD LIVE when he can and participates in pay-per-views (PPV). Whether that is because he loves the business and wants to give back by pushing superstars over to help carry the brand while he’s away – or whether he loves the adrenaline rush he gets when he enters that ramp (or both); he does it … and he certainly doesn’t do it for the fame or money anymore … as he has both of this outside of the WWE.

Do I think Cena could capture the title again and beat Ric Flair’s 16-time record? I do. I think the chances are good. Yes, he’s winding down, but he hasn’t stopped yet – and if Goldberg can be given another championship run after his WWE hiatus, I don’t see why Cena would not be given that same opportunity. In fact, I’ve heard internet rumblings that this could take place at the 2018 Royal Rumble, where it has been said he will defeat Jinder Mahal in an ‘America, heck ya’ fashion. And it makes sense. But, I do think that long gone are the days where Cena will retain a title long enough for a sustainable reign. Much like his title reign at the last Royal Rumble, I believe WWE will give him the honor of being called 17-time WWE Champ on paper, without the real substance of having a solid run. Something that will add another asterisk next to his name for the history books, but nothing more or less than that.

But, does Cena even need more than that?

Still, there are some fans who question if this is an honor Cena should be given, above Flair. And this is a solid debat. I see them as two very different competitors who were on top of their game at very different eras. Ric Flair trail blazed and worked very hard to place pro wrestling on the map; Cena worked just as hard to keep sports entertainment relevant and on that map in a day and age where different media platforms exploded and fans lost interest.

While seeing Cena hit that record-breaking reign would be an incredible thing as a fan of his and ‘rassling, there is still that little girl in me, that loved to hate Flair, and doesn’t necessarily want to see the end of an era close.

WNZ fans! Think Cena will surpass Flair’s record-breaking reign. Want this to happen? Leave your comments below!

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