The Most Disliked Wrestlers Backstage – Some Might Surprise You!

Having backstage “heat” could become a problem for your career if you are a wrestler. Over the years, there have been wrestlers known to be disliked backstage. Here are some of the wrestlers claimed to have backstage heat!

The Miz

I’m a big Miz fan, so I tend to defend him to the death. Unfortunately, the Miz had some backstage heat over the years. Jim Cornette claimed that the Miz was only in the WWE to gain exposure for future movies, while former WWE wrestler Alberto Del Rio even stated he ‘hated’ the Intercontinental Champion.

Since the Miz was bullied so heavily early in his career, the fact is that he dealt with it and grew even bigger. If he did not have a passion for it, then why is he is big as he is today? Just an observation from a not-so-neutral Miz fan!

Randy Orton

Unfortunately, I am not surprised about Randy Orton’s backstage heat problems. Over the years, fellow wrestlers have claimed he is cocky and arrogant. There are also claims that he refuses to put other talents over and that he bullied Umaga and Carlito.

I do have to say, there is no actual proof that Randy did the things he is accused of. Even though there are many stories, it is easy to spread such stories due to envy or jealousy.

Brock Lesnar

Being accused by Dean Ambrose as being a poor worker, and with backstage heat with Edge and Chris Jericho, the part-timer certainly has a lot of problems backstage. Of course, I doubt it bothers him much, especially with a big paycheck and not having to be there as much as everyone else. Plus, he is heading back to MMA, allegedly.


If you would have to believe the rumors in the WWE, Sable was one of the hardest women to work with. This is quite surprising to me, even though she is married to one of the people with a lot of backstage heat – Brock Lesnar.

I honestly loved Sable during the attitude era, so even if she kept to herself and did her own thing like others claim, it clearly worked for her.


We all know the stories, but there is no actual proof supporting the claims numerous wrestlers and announcers have made.

One of the most recent claims is undoubtedly known by everyone, more specifically when announcer Mauro Ranallo left the company due to claims of being bullied by JBL. Ranallo would later return as an NXT announcer.

Despite the bullying stories told by wrestlers such as Bubba Ray Dudley, the Miz, Mauro Ranallo, Steve Blackman, Jeff Hardy, and many others, JBL is still very much employed by the WWE. Of course, there is no cold hard evidence, so most of it comes down to hearsay.

What do you think about the wrestlers with some of the biggest backstage heat problems? Does this put the Enzo Amore situation in perspective? And have you heard any other stories about wrestlers with backstage heat? Let us know in the comment section below!