The Eight Loudest Crowd Reactions in WWE History!

One of the things we look forward to as wrestlers is a big surprise! Naturally, a good surprise leads to a crowd pop, and there have been many in WWE history. Curious what some of the biggest crowd pops in WWE history are? Find out below!

The Debut of AJ Styles

AJ Styles making his debut in the WWE was big news because the wrestler was known by everyone with a passion for wrestling. This certainly became clear during his debut, because the crowd was going crazy for this redneck at the Royal Rumble!

Bret Hart Returns to Face Shawn Michaels?

During his short heel run in the WWE, Shawn Michaels made some poignant statements. When the wrestling promotion stopped in Canada, Shawn said he screwed Bret and that he would do it again. As Bret’s music hit, the crowd believed Bret was coming out, leading to a big pop. Unfortunately, it was all a clever plot by Michaels.

Stone Cold at Backlash 2000

At the time of the pay-per-view, Stone Cold Steve Austin had been out for a while. However, Linda McMahon decided to put Austin in the Rock’s Corner during a tag match. When Austin did not show, the crowd was extremely disappointing. But Austin would come out later and lay waste to the establishment. Of course, you can only imagine the pop he got when he did come out.

Triple H Returns

When Triple H suffered a devastating quad injury, many believed he would not wrestle again. However, the Game recovered and made his return at Madison Square Garden in 2002. Needless to say, he was welcomed back with open arms.

The Rise of Linda McMahon

Despite a cringe-worthy story, which included Vince McMahon drugging his wife and having an affair, the betrayal of Vince McMahon is still one of the most memorable story lines. Things did not work out for poor old Vince though because Linda ended up kicking Vince in his family jewels.

CM Punk Pins John Cena for the Championship

It is uncommon for WWE Superstars to win in their hometown, but CM Punk is one of the few stars who was able to do so in his hometown Chicago. Naturally, when CM Punk pinned Cena, the crowd lost their minds!

The Old Stone Cold Makes a Return

Stone Cold does not just have one amazing crowd pop to his name, he has several! Another crowd pop came when Vince McMahon asked Stone Cold to become the old Stone Cold Again, back when WCW invaded the company. When he eventually did, the crowd witnessed history.

Stone Cold Helps Mankind

Mankind got mistreated terribly in the WWF, having to face the Rock with some “uneven” odds. Fortunately, Stone Cold was there to help, leading to a major crowd pop when he came out!

What are your favorite crowd pop moments? Who do you believe to be the king of the crowd pop? Is it Stone Cold Steve Austin, or does another wrestler deserve the honor? Let us know in the comment section below!